Missionary Challenge: Enos 1:1-8

Behold, it came to pass that I, Enos, knowing my father that he was a just man—for he taught me in his language, and also in the nurture and admonition of the Lord—and blessed be the name of my God for it—

And I will tell you of the wrestle which I had before God, before I received a remission of my sins.

Behold, I went to hunt beasts in the forests; and the words which I had often heard my father speak concerning eternal life, and the joy of the saints, sunk deep into my heart.

And my soul hungered; and I kneeled down before my Maker, and I cried unto him in mighty prayer and supplication for mine own soul; and all the day long did I cry unto him; yea, and when the night came I did still raise my voice high that it reached the heavens.

And there came a voice unto me, saying: Enos, thy sins are forgiven thee, and thou shalt be blessed.

And I, Enos, knew that God could not lie; wherefore, my guilt was swept away.

And I said: Lord, how is it done?

And he said unto me: Because of thy faith in Christ, whom thou hast never before heard nor seen. And many years pass away before he shall manifest himself in the flesh; wherefore, go to, thy faith hath made thee whole.” – (Enos 1:1-8).

Teach and share with others. They will, in their own time, learn and gain testimony. Enos is a great example of this. He had, “often heard [his] father speak concerning eternal life, and the joy of the saints…” At some point, what Enos heard his father speak had resonated with Him. His soul then hungered for a personal testimony.

Enos had been taught how to gain personal testimony. He knew to pray. Because of his humility and his desire, his sins were forgiven, and he gained a testimony of the Savior. Because he sought to have an experience with God, he received one.

For missionary work, we need to take one step back. We need to go before Enos went out and sought an experience with the Lord. Enos had been taught by his father. Enos had heard his father’s testimony. I have a feeling that everything about Jacob’s (Enos’s Father) life made an impression on Enos. I would figure that Jacob was happy. He lived the gospel. I think that even if Enos couldn’t verbalize the influence Jacob’s life had on him, it did effect his desire to know God personally.

Jacob’s example and testimony is the kind of influence I need to have on others, too. I need to be an example so others can have the chance to let desire form in their own hearts – so that they will seek a true experience with God. I need to be liberal with my gratitude for others. Often, it is more popular to complain than to give thanks, but I need to let others see that I recognize God’s hand in all and that I’m really a happy person. I feel like this will help to open the hearts of others so they will desire to have a relationship with God.

By sharing my testimony, by living the gospel, and by being joyful, I hope that my own testimony and example will cause others to desire to strike up a relationship with God.

I cannot give someone a testimony. No one gave me mine. Our testimonies are individual experiences. But I have had influences, and I can also BE an influence.

(See the rest of the Missionary Challenge.)


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