Missionary Challenge: 2 Nephi 33:4, 12

And I know that the Lord God will consecrate my prayers for the gain of my people. And the words which I have written in weakness will be made strong unto them; for it persuadeth them to do good; it maketh known unto them of their fathers; and it speaketh of Jesus, and persuadeth them to believe in him, and to endure to the end, which is life eternal.

And I pray the Father in the name of Christ that many of us, if not all, may be saved in his kingdom at that great and last day.” – 2 Nephi 33:4, 12.

The words of Nephi and the Book of Mormon prophets that follow him have been made strong.

The Book of Mormon does persuade me to do good. When I read the Book of Mormon, I am better able to bring a spirit of love and optimism into my home. The Book of Mormon helps me to see clearly despite the problems in my life and the foibles in my character.

The Book of Mormon also brings each of us closer to Christ. You cannot get through a single experience with the Book of Mormon without it pointing back to Christ. Because of the Book of Mormon, I have been able to develop a personal relationship with the Savior.

Additionally, the Book of Mormon reminds me to choose the right and inspires me to continue through life full of hope.

I have had many experiences where the Book of Mormon has led my life. I suppose I can share one right now. There was a time when I felt absolutely bombarded. I was trying my best to be a single mother. I was trying my best to be a good employee. I was trying my best to be a good visiting teacher, a good daughter, a good friend, a good girl-friend, a good sister, and a good primary chorister. It seemed like I was failing at everything.

Nothing was really getting better. I got home one evening from work – only to find a subpoena to appear in court regarding child support. My ex-husband, who hadn’t paid any child support for months, without notice, wanted to take me to court so he would be able to pay less!

I was frustrated. I hired a lawyer and met with him, and as I discussed my options, he explained that in the situation, there would be nothing the judge could do to uphold my court order for child support. I don’t want to get into all the details, but I will tell you, I sat there crying. I tried to get myself together – it was uncharacteristic for me to just sit and cry like that. But I cried for a minute or two, he tried to comfort me (old men hate to see young women cry). I pulled it together for the lawyer, discussed the course of action, and then I left – ready for the court appearance.

When I got into the car, I wasn’t ready to go back to work. I was still really sad. I wanted to call a friend. I wanted to call my mom. But what would I say? I knew that anything I said would only make me feel worse. (As much as I love talking, I really think that sometimes my need to “vent” only makes many situations worse). So, I didn’t called anyone. I sat in my car, in front of the lawyer’s office, feeling a little bit mad, frustrated, and mostly tired.

I looked over to my Book of Mormon, and decided I should read a little bit: I read 1 Nephi 21. Then got really teary after reading verse 25: “But thus saith the Lord, even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered; for I will contend with him that contendeth with thee, and I will save thy children.” (1 Nephi 21:25). After reading that – I was crying from gratitude. I knew I no longer needed to worry – I could trust that the Lord would fight my battles for me. I knew that my number one worry – my children – would be okay. The Book of Mormon got me through that tough time.

(Thanks for letting me share this little story).

The point is, I can’t imagine how I would have navigated those waters without the influence of the Book of Mormon and the Power of God’s Spirit in my life! And then, I realize – there are so many people who don’t have the gospel. There are so many people who DO have to navigate life’s rough waters without the gospel. How is this fair? How is it that the Lord loves me so much? I owe so much to Him, the least I can do is share my knowledge and testimony of the Book of Mormon with others.

I admit, I’m still a little scared, but I do know it is important to share the gospel. And I will do it.

The Book of Mormon changes lives. It brings us back to Christ, guides, directs, comforts and teaches. I can help Nephi with his desire – that many, if not all, can be saved at the last day – by sharing His words – the Book of Mormon – with others.


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