I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go–Arrangement for Voice and Flute

I have recently arranged the hymn I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go for Voice (Soprano and Alto), Flute, and Piano accompaniment.

Tiger actually wanted me to do it so that she could sing it with the Young Women for a special activity. Only the girls in her class (the Beehive class–ages 12-14) would be singing. With this in mind, I wanted to make an arrangement that included a lot of the voice’s parts in the accompaniment. I knew that the group would be a mix of little to intermediate experience–as many of the girls are just starting to take choir or learn other instruments.

This is a simple arrangement which can be sung by a beginner group. It can also be sung by a more experienced group with less practice (how often do we decide to perform music at the last minute?!)

Oh…and this arrangement also includes a simple part for flute. I hope you enjoy it.

To download: Click the image… or

Click here.


Stand for the Right – Free Music Arrangement

So…I have a new calling. And I like it. It is primary chorister.

I’ve been primary chorister four times. But it is such a fun calling. I hesitate to say that it is easy for me, but really – it kind of is. I know what I’m doing. I know that there are challenges (sometimes I think that parents must be giving their kids candy for breakfast!). There are also many perks (singing! having fun!). So, this calling doesn’t really hold much mystique for me. I always try to work my hardest, and that has led me to writing an arrangement.

So…I made this little arrangement for Stand for the Right. It includes a little introduction and a simple descant. I haven’t started singing it with my primary, but I really think that a senior primary could easily learn this. So check it out.

Stand for the Right

Of course, if you decide to use it, I’d love to get your feedback, so check it out, and comment to tell me how it went. 🙂

And this is meant to be for non-commercial, church or home use. If you’d like to use it for another purpose, please contact me at chococatania [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks! and Enjoy!