Joy is Quilting, Singing, and AZ in Feb

Oh, I know. I’ve been horrible with keeping up these posts. I’m trying to figure out what I want to do. Part of me feels obligated to try to finish something that I’ve started. Another part of me thinks, who cares. And still, another part of me says, This world – this Internet – needs a little bit more joy.

So – here’s the thing. I’m going to post random “Joy is…” posts. I want to do them often, but I’m not going to stick to a specific goal. I think I’ll shoot for monthly. But please don’t hold me to it. (I know you won’t. You probably don’t really care. I’m writing this for me.)

Joy is…

Are you happy???
Are you happy???
My favorite block
My favorite block
  • Joy is working on my quilt. I finished quilting it yesterday. I still have to bind it. I love these fabrics. I love the idea of making a quilt – planning, math, measuring, cutting, and sewing. Then, taking layers – the backing, batting, and beautifully pieced top – quilted together. And bound. I don’t know. The process of it is just really – I want to say relaxing, but it is more than that.

    I’m sure that there are some people reading this that might think I’m crazy, but to them I would say – try quilting.

    I’m not a seamstress. I don’t particularly like sewing (clothes, bags, etc.) But, quilting is just sewing a straight line. It is an instant gratification kind of a craft. (Kind of…). You can see the progress you make. It starts with a single block. You put your heart into it, and then you finish with this blanket – that comforts, warms, and unites people.

    Who doesn’t love sitting under a quilt?

    A handmade quilt means something, you know? I have all of this junk in my house, and so much of it is meaningless, but these quilts I make – for my family and my children – they are functional, and they mean something.

    Quilting brings me a little bit of joy. The colors of this blanket bring me joy.

    And I bought some rose oil so that I can spray it whenever I’m using the rose quilt. That will bring me an immense amount of joy.

  • Joy is singing time in primary. I wish that I had a picture for this, but I don’t. You just have to take my word for it. If you’ve never had the chance to be a chorister for the primary children, then pray for it. Seriously – best calling ever. (Primary pianist comes in a close second. Well, it might be a tie.)

    I have been on Prednisone the last few days. It is not particularly joyful. It makes me irritable, and it gives me insomnia. However, I walk into primary, I start to sing songs with these cute children, and I can’t help it: I’m consumed with joy. Their laugh. Their purity. I defy you to jump and sing “Do as I’m doing,” without feeling overwhelmed with joy.

    What I love about the joy that children feel is that it is completely…pure. They aren’t joyful because they have accomplished something. They aren’t joyful because someone did something for them. They are feeling joy because that is just the emotion they feel at that moment. And they aren’t afraid to feel it, either. They simply smile, giggle, and jump out of their seats with joy.

    I have served as the primary chorister five times so far in my life. I think that I could serve five more times and still learn so much about the simplicity of sublime joy from the children.

  • Joy is Arizona in February.
    Most of my family lives in the Northeast. Every winter, I feel sorry for them. In November is really when it starts. I think about how they are bundled up, while I’m outside grilling my Turkey.

    December is a little chilly here in AZ, but it’s not cold.

    Sometimes it’s easy to get sentimental about winter – especially around the Holidays. Everyone thinks they want a white Christmas.

    Then, Christmas is over, and winter is actually just beginning. January ushers in the winter blues. They only get worse in February. Oh, February. It was always such a hard month in PA.

    But in Arizona, February is glorious.

    Blooming Acacia
    Blooming Acacia

    The sun is shining. The weather is in the seventies. The flowers are blooming. I really can’t get enough of it. There is no explanation. I go outside, and I’m happy.

    What has brought you joy recently?


4 thoughts on “Joy is Quilting, Singing, and AZ in Feb

  1. Peggy

    You may not believe it, but you should….reading your posts bring me joy. They make me stop and think. You are certainly encouraging me to pull my materials out and start thinking about putting them together to make my masterpiece. I DO believe them to be masterpieces. I love the math, and creativity of putting them all together. The quilting part isn’t always a joy to me. THAT I must learn to appreciate. Thank you, Catania, for all the time and effort you put into this blog. I love it!

    1. Thank you so much, Peggy! πŸ™‚ Quilting can be drudgery sometimes, it’s true. (I usually listen to good music or podcasts to help the time go by). But the finished work is always a lot of joy. I think that’s the way life goes, too…there is a lot of work and difficulty before the final moment of joy.

      Thanks again – and show me a picture of the quilt that you end up putting together!

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