The New Year, Socrates, and Change

Well…as I write this, it is 10:30 PM on December 30. The year is ending. I’m doing the usual “thing” of reflection about this past year. I’m also thinking of the things that I want to accomplish next year.

I have been learning a lot about changing this year. In the past, I have tended to focus on my weaknesses – thinking that those are the things that I need to actively change.

It’s like I’m a square peg, and year after year, I’ve focused on trying to shove myself into a round hole. I work hard, I put forth a ton of effort. Nothing much happens. I’m focused on the wrong thing.

I think that Socrates says it best.


Instead of focusing on all of the weakness I have, on all of the old things about me, I need to focus on my strengths and how to build them up. I am becoming more and more convinced that through focusing on our strength, then the Lord will teach us a way to overcome our weakness. Maybe we’ll find new strength in what is hard for us. Perhaps our strengths will help us to find ways to navigate around our weaknesses. In any case, I am beginning to strongly believe that if we will recognize our natures and our strengths: if we will recognize that we are square pegs (or whatever shape we might be!) and that the Lord doesn’t expect us to fit into a round hole but instead is happy when we will just find a way that works with who we are, then we will be able to make the progress we desire. We can find this way through introspection, prayer, and by coming to Christ.

So…Yeah…this year, I’ll be doing my best to focus primarily on my strengths. Of course, I want to overcome my weakness. This is very important to me. But I’m hoping that by focusing on building the new, I’ll be able to accomplish what I want to do and what the Lord expects of me.

What will you be doing to focus your energy on building the new?


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