12 Days of Joy–365 Days of Joy

So…I have been thinking about the 12 days of joy idea. I really like it. Even though I haven’t been posting on the blog every day (we went out of town, and life is…life), I still want to blog about the things that have brought me joy each day. Not only that, but I think that I’d like to blog about it every day for the rest of the year.

Now, I’m going to be practical. I don’t think I’ll be blogging every day. Instead, once a week, I’ll post the week’s worth of joyful experiences and occasions. You may not really care about this whole thing, but I’d like to record it. We can always use a little bit more joy on the internet, right?

January 1, 2014

I believe this is some kind of Cholla.
I believe this is some kind of Cholla.

We spent the New Year in Tucson. I went to the park with the kids. The sun is out, and the temperature is right around 75°F. Joy is winter in Arizona! I love the sun. I can’t stress that enough. There are times when I’m feeling down and out, and when I go outside, and I feel the sun, I just feel better.

I love the amazing weather here. It really is beautiful.

I love the crazy desert plants. Oro Valley (near Tucson) is especially beautiful, as it is not as built up. There are Saguaros, prickly pears, and cholla everywhere. In some ways, the desert flora seems formidable, but it is also absolutely fascinating.

I feel joy when I take the time to notice the world around me.

January 2, 2014

"Chefing" with Sasquatch.
“Chefing” with Sasquatch.

Today’s joy came in the form of a bit of sadness. Strange, but true.

I’ve been taking down the Christmas decorations today. I have an option of moods for such an event:

  • I can be annoyed because it is a lot of work
  • I can be sad, as putting away the decorations marks the end of another year
  • I can be rejoice in the memories we have created

I chose the third option.

Sasquatch loves to help me (in the picture above, she’s helping me cook). She helped me to take down each delicate decoration and wrap them. She helped me put away all of our nativities. She said good-bye to each little member of the nativity, and hummed “Picture a Christmas.” It was really cute.

I was simultaneously sad and happy. It is sad to see Christmas end. I love the holidays. Even though I was feeling a twinge of sadness, I became resolved to keep the magic in my home–year-round. I am the mother! I can control my home! I can make it the kind of happy, magical place that kids need to develop into happy, helpful, and contributing adults.

I’m happy that my children are so happy. 🙂

January 3, 2014

Pollen beneath the trees on my run. It smells so good.
Pollen beneath the trees on my run. It smells so good.

Today was great.

1)I felt joy when I came home from an appointment to the vet, and Tiger had cleaned the kitchen completely! It made my day!!!

2) I felt even more joy as I ran. The afternoon was glorious, and the trees are blooming. There were a row of trees that smelled particularly good. It made me giddy.

January 4, 2014

I love hanging with the fam.
I love hanging with the fam.

Today, joy was an amazing meal and hanging out with these people. (Not pictured, Homey and Sasquatch). Actually, Sasquatch is the picture above, making and tasting pesto. She is so cute and brings me so much joy. She loves cooking. She calls it “chefing” (isn’t that joy, right there!!!???). She wants to chop, mince, dice, blend, stir. She loves to close her eyes and sniff each ingredient.

Tonight we made pasta (from scratch), pesto, salmon, and zucchini with mushrooms. Sasquatch happens to love every item on this list of foods, and she’s four!!! Homey served his mission in Italy, so he was teaching us the Italian words for each of the foods we made.

After Chase tasted the pesto, I asked her, “How does it taste?”
She paused, looked at me very seriously, and answered, “Perfect.”

I love this girl!

Now, before I gush for too long about Sasquatch, the night only got better. Tiger and Panda helped to make the pasta. They love cooking, too. Tiger made some blondies. The T-Rex sat on the couch and asked when everything would be ready while watching football with Homey. And Clyde Miller took turns between sitting on the rug/begging and sniffing around in the kitchen for food that we had dropped on the floor.

I live a really great life.

What has brought you joy this week?


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