Panda’s Prayer

I had one of those moments yesterday morning that I don’t ever want to forget.

Around 7:20 AM, as I was studying and doing my morning thing, I had a visitor come to me.


It is hard to imagine this girl anything other than happy, but she came to me, her eyes big, brimming with tears. I half expected her to tell on her sister (that may or may not happen most mornings). But things seemed a little different – the way she was holding back tears, rather than unloading her complaints because of an infraction made by a sibling.

I looked up at her, and listened.

Panda: Mom, yesterday a girl in my class was being really mean to me.
Me: [she had my attention] Is everything okay? What was going on?
Panda: She was in my group in science, and she was just being really mean to me.
Me: Oh, Panda, I’m …
Panda: But I said a prayer about it this morning, and I got my answer. If she says anything else to me, I will just remind her that we are all created in the image of God.

I scooped Panda up for a hug. I was touched by her faith. She went to Heavenly Father for guidance, and He answered her prayer! (Not that I doubted it, I’m just so happy about it!)

I took the moment to reinforce what she already had been taught. I reminded her that because she is created in God’s image, she is his daughter. He loves her. And that it was a good thing to remind the girl in her class that we are created in His image – and that God loves everyone.

I also wanted to help her see the miracle that had taken place that morning: She prayed, and Heavenly Father answered her through His Spirit.

As I stroked Panda’s hair, I could see that she still fought back the tears. I knew that though she was sad about being hurt, she was also comforted by God’s love. (and a little bit of my love, too.) It doesn’t get much better than that.

After a few minutes, I encouraged her to write this experience down in her journal – so that she wouldn’t forget it. She skipped off and was back to the happy little Panda that we all love.

And I basked in one of those rare moments as a mother.

I pray that my children will learn how to apply the gospel in their lives. I worry about them as they go off to school – that they will be hurt, feel lonely, or feel unloved. And I hope that what I have tried to teach them will help them to find comfort and happiness from the only source of Peace.

After Panda left, I ran up to my room to offer up my own prayer of gratitude. I’m grateful for a daughter who has listened. I’m grateful that instead of coming to me to help her solve this problem (which is a fine thing to do), she went to the Lord. I’m grateful that after her experience, she chose to share it with me and that I could physically comfort her with reinforcement, hugs, and forehead kisses. I’m happy that she’s happy, and that she’s learning how much Heavenly Father loves her.


8 thoughts on “Panda’s Prayer

    1. thanks katie,
      Yeah – it was awesome, and totally unexpected, and I felt grateful for the opportunity to be present for this experience. I also felt so grateful for the answered prayer she had. I hope you are doing well!

  1. Kathy

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! I intend to really read over your methods of scripture study and try to incorporate them into my morning “feast”.
    Thanks for all your hard work in doing this blog. I can tell you are an awesome mom!

    1. Kathy, thanks for the comment. 🙂

      also – watch for a coming Gospels of the New Testament Study Guide I’m creating. (Matthew will be out in March) It uses a lot of the concepts I talk about in my scripture study book to study the New Testament. I’m hoping that it will be helpful to a lot of people.

      Anyways – thanks for stopping by and saying such nice things.

    1. Thanks Stephanie – yeah…it was a pretty great mom moment. It is pretty amazing to see our children exercising their agency for good. One of those heart-explosion (in a good way) moments… 🙂

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