Goin’ to the Temple and Gonna Get Married (Part 9 of the HaM Love Story)

This is part nine of the Homey and Me Love Story. It is when I was going to college (and met and married Rusty) long before I met Homey, but an important part of the story, nonetheless.

It was June. Rusty and I were at the Ogden temple. We would be getting married the next day.

I have to admit, I was nervous. I think that everyone is nervous the day before their marriage. I mean – marriage! What a commitment! But I was feeling especially overwhelmed.

I went to the Ogden temple to receive my own endowment* – which is a very sacred series of covenants that I made with God. These covenants are required before having a temple marriage (which I would be doing the next day). The entire experience at the temple had been an overwhelming rush of Spirituality and enlightenment. The temple covenants really takes a lifetime to understand. So, I went to the temple the day before my marriage, and had this huge day of instruction and promise making. It would have been nerve racking any time – without the knowledge that the very next day I’d be getting married.

After going to the temple, I went to work. About twenty minutes into my shift, I ran to the bathroom and vomited. It was purely nerves. I went home, and started to make last minute preparations for the big day ahead. Throughout the evening I was talking a lot. I was excited, happy, nervous, and scared. My mom and grandma were with me, and they patiently helped me to feel more secure. My grandma also made this elixir of baking soda, water, and ginger ale, and who knows what. It was disgusting, but magically settled my stomach. As bed-time approached, I went into my room and tried to sleep.

Sleeping was impossible for two main reasons.

One: My grandma snores really loudly and she was sleeping in my room, too. As soon as I would start to fall asleep, I’d hear a noise that made me positive an 18-wheeler was about to run me over, only to wake up and see my grandma twitching and snorting…deep in sleep.

Two: I was busy pondering the eternities. Have you ever really thought about the eternities? As in – what happens after we live? The night before my wedding seemed like a logical night to ponder everything that I’m too idiotic to pretend to comprehend.

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I was raised to believe in life after death. I knew the plan of salvation. I had been taught about our lives before earth and after earth. And it was all running through my head, hurting my mind grapes. All of this was in connection to my wedding – my temple wedding.

One thing that is unique about a Mormon Temple wedding is the wording of the actual marriage. Instead of a priest pronouncing us husband and wife: “’til death do you part”, the priest who marries us in the temple says, “for time and all eternity.” This is truly an eternal marriage. What is sealed on earth is sealed in Heaven…forever.

I was up all night, intermittently thinking I was going to die by some rogue trucker, then pondering the eternal nature of my own life and that on the next day, I would united with Rusty for that measly eternity of mine. Was I ready for it? Would we really be able to make it? Who am I? Why am I here? AHHHHH! A giant truck is about to run me over!!!

(I didn’t get much sleep that night).


Somehow, the forty-five minutes of “rest” I managed to get energized me. I woke up the next morning and began getting ready for the big day ahead. My mom did my hair. My grandma helped me get into the contraption we call a wedding dress. And we all hurried down to Bountiful to get me married.

I chose to get married in the Bountiful temple because everyone gets married at the Salt Lake temple. (However, I admit I wasn’t fully committed to being an original – as I didn’t choose to get married in the Ogden temple!) We had an early appointment – which would allow for plenty of time for pictures and brunch afterward then going back up to Ogden for the reception.

The temple ceremony was beautiful. I felt happy. I felt totally assured that even though my decision would impact my eternal life – it would impact my children, their children, and their children, I didn’t need to be nervous. I knew that Heavenly Father was smiling on my decision and though I never had the feeling that married life would be easy, I would take satisfaction in it. I knew that it was the right thing for me to do, and, even more importantly, it was the right time for me to do it. Most importantly, I felt that I was doing the right thing at the right time with the right person. This knowledge has brought me peace for many years.

Rusty and I covenanted with God and each other. We were married. I wasn’t nervous anymore.

Well…maybe I had residual nerves. After our wedding, we ate at a nice restaurant in Salt Lake, but I was still a little too hyped to eat. It was kind of a bummer because I was beginning to feel nauseated. Plus, I really wanted to have a piece of the famous Lion House Cheesecake. (Or was it rolls?…maybe the food wasn’t as famous as I thought.)

As the day progressed, my nerves subsided, and we had a fun, happy day. It was a highlight of my life…perhaps even the highlight of our entire marriage.

* Learn a little more about temples here and here.

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