“Stand Ye in Holy Places” Scripture Study Program

Introducing a new Scripture Study Program. This program consists of 6 parts, or assignments, that could be finished in about 10 – 14 days (if you study about 20-30 minutes a day).

New Scripture Study Series
New Scripture Study Series – click image to download

My husband is serving in the Young Mens, but more importantly, my daughter will be twelve this year! When I heard about the youth theme for 2013, I wanted to create this scripture study program that would help me better to understand the theme, so that I could reinforce this it in my home. Additionally, my daughter can complete the scripture study program.

The scripture study program is broken up into the following assignments/categories:

  1. Introduction to the series – Including a “scripture spider-web” – which is an interesting way to study a single verse of scripture. This assignment also gives a little advice on how to approach the rest of the program (use a scripture journal, etc.)
  2. Stand – This assignment includes a scripture chain where we will explore the concept of “standing” and how we can effectively stand – in the Lord’s eyes.
  3. Holy Places – Here we study a list found in a verse of scripture that helps us to understand more about temples – holy places. We apply the knowledge learned in this scripture to ourselves – as our bodies are our temples. We can create a holy place anywhere we are if we are sure that we, our temples, are worthy of the Spirit of the Lord.
  4. Be Not Moved – This assignment is a compare/contrast exercise of the groups mentioned in Lehi’s dream. Through studying these groups, we learn what it means to “be not moved.”
  5. Day of the Lord – Here, we will use True to the Faith to help supplement our study. We will read the scriptures mentioned in the entry for “Second Coming” and learn about the day of the Lord – and the conditions in which we must stand as we wait for it.
  6. Conclusion – Finally, we will study a conference talk given by President Monson, Stand in Holy Places.
  7. So…download this scripture study program here, complete it, and let me know how it goes. I would love to hear about your experiences as you study it. Hopefully this scripture study program will help you both to understand more about the charge to stand in holy places and to apply this understanding to your life.

    There were a few mistakes in the original version. I have updated the file to show corrections. Sorry!!!


10 thoughts on ““Stand Ye in Holy Places” Scripture Study Program

  1. Stephanie

    I am so excited to see this! I will definitely be suggesting this to my daughter and the other YW. I did your Plan of Salvation study series for one of my own Personal Progress projects. Thank you so much for sharing your work. It truly is a blessing.

  2. Jill

    WOW! I have finished the study and it was amazing! It was fun to try out some different scripture study styles too. Thank you so much for putting this together- I learned a TON and still have a couple days to go following loose ends and impressions that I had while studying.

    Thanks again, I can’t imagine how much work that took!


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