Family Home Evening – 2013 – The Family: A Proclamation

If you ever checked out this blog during 2012, you know that I blogged (almost) every Tuesday reporting what we did for Family Home Evening. I’ve been going back and forth about doing this again.

I’m not going to.

I really liked letting you know what we actually did – I was hoping to relay real Family Home Evenings -ones that were really great sometimes. And other times, they were a little bit insane. It was the overall effect that we’re striving for. And I just wanted to put out some examples that weren’t necessarily perfect.

However, I may, from time to time, post an FHE idea, activity, recipe or game. Today, I’m posting the schedule for our FHE this year.

Usually, I use our trusty “FHE Jar” for our family night. Whoever gives the lesson picks a topic from the jar and has complete freedom in how they would like to present that material. This year, though, we’re doing something different.

Homey and I have decided to concentrate on The Family: A Proclamation to the World. It hangs on our wall, pretty next to the pictures of our family.

Here it is...on our walls.  But is it in our hearts?
Here it is…on our walls. But is it in our hearts?

I heard someone talk about the idea of so many copies of this proclamation on our walls – as nice as it is on our walls, have we read them lately?

As far as my family goes, I have realized that we need to make sure that this isn’t only something that decorates our home, but is written on our hearts. So, we’re going to study The Family: A Proclamation through the year.

We are going to have Family Home Evenings based on the Family Proclamation through the year – concentrating on about a paragraph per month. I have created a schedule for the year – with the themes for the month and then weekly FHE topics. If you are interested in the schedule of the year, you can Download it here.

There are lesson topics (but not necessarily plans) for each Monday – January through November. I left December open because our family has a lot of “traditional” FHEs that we do during the Holidays.

What are you going to do for FHE this year? Have you studied the Family: A Proclamation together as a family? How has it benefitted you?


2 thoughts on “Family Home Evening – 2013 – The Family: A Proclamation

  1. What a great idea! I’m excited for you guys! You know it was awesome to blog about our FHEs last year, and see what we “actually” did. For now, it might be more of the same “winging it!” but hopefully we’ll get to spend the year helping prepare Guy & all the kids for baptism. Guy gets baptized in November!

    1. Thanks – yeah, I agree – it was a lot of fun blogging. I loved seeing what you guys did through the year. One thing I noticed was that there was so much love in each post, and how having love in our families isn’t the same as being perfect.

      It is so exciting – that Guy will be baptized this year! What a special time for you guys. 🙂

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