Summer, Snoopy, and Blues (Part 5 of HaM Love Story)

This is part five of the Homey and Me Love Story. It is when I was a teenager, long before I met Homey, but an important part of the story, nonetheless.

Snoopy and I didn’t talk all that much for a while (once he found out I was going to prom with Rico). And for the most part, to be honest, it wasn’t all that big of a deal to me.

One evening, I think it was a Sunday, but I really can’t be sure, I went to a stake fireside. Burgess Owens (NFL Player and Superbowl Champ – and father of a good friend of mine), Ty Detmer (old school Eagles Quarterback), and Vai Sikahemma (totally awesome Sportscaster and more) were giving a fireside. I went to it with my friend Mello, figuring that it would be good, and hoping that some of our (mostly cute boy type) friends would be there to hang out afterwards.

As far as spirituality goes, I’m sure that the Fireside was awesome. But I honestly can’t remember anything about it…However, as far as boys go, the fireside was a total dud. No one was there. As the speakers spoke, I spent most of my time turning their portraits on the program into beat up hockey players and changing their names into Russian-sounding hockey-names. I had decided it was pretty funny, and I would give it to Snoopy, but he wasn’t there.

After the fireside, Mello and I were trying to plot something to do. I had decided, on a whim, that I wanted to take my improved program to Snoopy and then see if he wanted to hang out. She agreed, so we decided we’d go to his house…the only problem, we weren’t exactly sure of the best way to get to his house from the stake center. (The Stake Center was not in an area either Mello or I were familiar with). I saw Rico, and he approached me with a smile. I guess he was figuring that since we went to the prom we were friends. I hadn’t talked to him or anything, but I realized that Rico lived close to Snoopy, and he could tell me the best way to get there from the Stake Center.

As Rico came up to me, he asked me how it was going.
“Great. Hey, I’m so glad I ran into you,” I started. Rico was smiling.
“Me, too…”
“I’ve got something I want to give to Snoop, but he’s not here tonight. Can you tell me the best way to get to his house from here?”
Rico’s smile vanished. “You’re going there tonight?”
“Sure. Just to drop something off.”
“It seems late.”
“No, it’s only like 8:30.”
“It will take you half an hour to get there.”
“That’s fine.”
Rico gave me instructions on getting to Snoopy’s house.
Mello laughed at me as we left, “He didn’t seem happy that you only spent your time talking about Snoop.” She mentioned.
I hadn’t thought anything of it.

We went to Snoop’s house, rang the doorbell, and his oldest sister answered.
“Hi…um…Is Snoop around?”
She was confused.
“I’m Catania…”
“Oh! You’re Catania! It’s good to meet you. I’m sorry, but he’s not here.”
“No it’s not a problem. He wasn’t expecting me. My friend and I just stopped by. Can you give this to him? It’s just something dumb.”
“Sure. No problem. I’m sure he’ll be happy to hear that you came by. He graduated tonight and is out with some friends.”
“Wow! Tell him I say congratulations! I’ll talk to him later.”

About a week or so later, he gave me a phone call. We talked – about graduation, his graduation trip to the shore, and all sorts of other things. And, before you know it, I was totally crushing on him again. We started hanging out more, but it never felt like in he thought of me in a way that was anything more than platonic… I tried to convince myself that was totally fine.

At one point, Snoop, Mello, Mello’s friend Paul, and I made plans to go to a Blue’s Festival on Long Island. We all piled into Snoop’s car and made the trek. The night before the festival, we were planning on camping in a state park. Then we’d go to the festival. So…we headed to New York…PA Turnpike, NJ Turnpike, Everything was fine until we had to cross the Verrazano Bridge. There was a wreck on the bridge which caused traffic to be so backed up that it took us over 2 hours to cross. By the time we made it to Long Island – and the campground, it was well past dark, and everything was locked up. At the very last minute, ended up staying at my Aunt’s house. As much as I was looking forward to spending time with my friends – and Snoop, especially, I ended up talking until the wee hours with my Aunt. I was grateful for her last-minute hospitality. The next day would be dedicated more to my friends.

So, the following morning, we made our way to the Blue’s festival. It was so much fun. We danced around enjoying good music the entire day.

I, however, became filled with my galloping adolescence. Even though I was at this show with Snoop, I still couldn’t understand his feelings for me, so I ignored the subject completely – reassuring myself that we were only friends and that “friends” was all we’d ever be. At some point in the show, some cute guy started talking to me. He ended up inviting my group out with his. It sounded like fun, so I agreed.

I realize that this is kind of horrible, but I wasn’t meaning to be a jerk. I really can’t remember the incident, but I think that the cute boy from NY must have made a joke or something as a sense of humor always made me forget pretty much everything around me–as I was too busy laughing to be sensible. We all went out and I thought we were having fun, but maybe it was only me…

Snoop and I hung out pretty regularly the rest of the summer. Then fall came, and he was getting ready to go to BYU. I was going to Weber.

“It’s too bad that you’re going to be all the way up in Ogden.” Snoop said to me, one night on the phone.
“No way. It will be awesome. We can totally visit each other.”
“I won’t have a car out there. Will you?”
“No…but I have a friend who lives in Ogden. He has a car. Or maybe a motorcyle. Anyway, we can figure out ways up and down and hang out all the time.”
“He has a motorcycle…?”
“Yeah. I think, so. That’s what he said, anyway. But I think that he has a car, too. I don’t know.”
“No. We’ll never see each other. You’ll go to Weber State all the way up in Ogden, I’ll go to BYU, and you’ll meet some guy who rides a motorcycle, completely forget about me, and be married before you’re even nineteen.”
“No way, Snoop. I’m not getting married young. I’m going on a mission.”
“Nope. You’re gonna be marrying a dude with a motorcycle.”

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