Rico Suave – The Biggest Mistake of My Life (Part four of HaM Love Story)

This is part four of the Homey and Me Love Story. It is when I was a teenager, long before I met Homey, but an important part of the story, nonetheless. You can Find part three here

Summer came and went. I did all of the normal things you do during the summer – hung out with friends, went to the beach, went to girl’s camp, etc. For the most part, I had forgotten about Snoop.

When he got back, he called me, and it was strange to me. I wasn’t sure what to think of it, so I told myself that we could still be friends, but I just wouldn’t like him anymore.

We would talk on the phone every few weeks and hang out every once in a while. A strange thing happened. Even though I still really liked him, I didn’t want to like him. So he kind of became that guy friend that some girls have – where they tell all about their dating woes, etc. I feel horrible now. In fact, I felt horrible then, too. I didn’t do it on purpose. For some reason, it would just happen.

In some ways, I always wanted to tell him about who I was dating so I could feel honest. I never knew exactly where we stood – what our relationship was – if it was friendship or something more. I always wanted something more, but also wanted to protect myself. In any case, I wanted him to know the something of the truth – I was seeing other guys. However, I realize it could have also made him think I was both horrible and insane. I hate admitting this. However, we never really talked about anything of the sort.

So…it went on like that for the next two years. We would get close again – start talking, hanging out, and then I would start to like him more, which would drive me to find a new guy to date and tell him all about. Then, things would cool down, and we wouldn’t really talk again for a few weeks or so. (repeat…repeat).

Now…just so I don’t sound like the most wretched, horrible, disgusting person on earth, I always made sure that the guys I told him about were stupid and dumb. Nothing like him, you know. (I know that this doesn’t make it better).

Ew…I hate admitting this about myself. But it is important for you to know – how stupid and horrible I was, and it will play an important part in meeting and even marrying Homey. That is the only reason why I’ll even admit it.

So, here’s a really horrible story about me.

There was this guy…we’ll call him Rico. He was in Snoop’s ward. He was my age, Snoop’s age. Pretty much every single girl ever was in love with Rico. He was really cute (okay…more than cute). He was a gymnast or wrestler (I can’t honestly remember right now), but what I do remember is that he was built very…nicely…

I had always thought of Rico as super cheesy, and never really “went for him”. He was a shameless flirt, and most of the time the way he flirted was just…well…cheesy. He tried flirting with me once, and I thought he was joking, so I laughed at him. It was hilarious, and still is hilarious; however, Rico wasn’t quite as entertained.

So…Rico…I think that Snoop and Rico may have been acquaintances – as they were in the same ward and basically had grown up with one another. But at the same time, I knew that they were kind of “rivals” (not the right word…but I can’t think of a better way to say it). They weren’t really friends. In fact, if I remember correctly, the first time I met Snoop, and he mentioned that he was from the Valley Forge Ward, I said (in a less than impressed tone), “Oh…I know someone from your ward…Rico Suave.”
Snoopy retorted, “You know, just because I’m from Valley Forge doesn’t mean I’m anything like Rico.”

And it is true. He wasn’t. I knew he wasn’t. Over the years, I had made a legitimate relationship with Snoop. Even though I was confused by my emotions and our “relationship”, I truly valued my friendship with Snoop – even if I wasn’t always the best at showing that.

Anyways…back to Rico…well – almost back to Rico.

When I was a Senior in high school, most of my close friends had graduated. The end of the year was nearing – which meant Senior Prom was also close. As a young Mormon woman, with a strong testimony, I didn’t want to go to Senior Prom with someone who wasn’t LDS. I didn’t want to be tempted to drink or participate in immoral behavior.

There were only a few Mormons in my school and only one other Mormon in my grade – Yoda. He and I ate lunch together with Freckles and another friend – Greg – almost every day. Greg had a girlfriend, and was going to go to prom with her. Freckles was a junior, so she couldn’t go to Senior Prom unless a senior invited her. It was my mission to have Chip invite her to prom. Then I would ask someone – I was honestly thinking of Snoop at the time – so that we could go as a Mo-Mo-foursome. It would be fun.

I mentioned the idea to Yoda. He acted interested, but added a caveat.
“I’m not really friends with Snoop. I’ll tell you what. You ask Rico to the prom, then I’ll ask Freckles, and we’ll all go together.”
“Are you serious?! I can’t stand Rico!”
Yoda sat there, laughing. “Of course I’m serious.”
“I know that you’re friends with Rico, but he’s so…cheesy and…lame.”
“You haven’t even given him a chance.”
“I’ve talked to him before. He’s such a player.”
“That’s just an act. Look, just invite Rico to the prom, and then I’ll go with Freckles, and we can all go together.”
He talked me into it. I figured that I could have a good time with anyone, and if Yoda was right, then maybe Rico wouldn’t be so annoying if we were all together.
Plus, Rico was pretty cute, and I hadn’t gotten to know him. Maybe I’d be pleasantly surprised. (I know…I know…totally superficial, lame, horrible teenager. I was disgusting).

So…I found out Rico’s phone number. Called him up. And I asked him to my senior prom.

Monday morning came, and I found Yoda, Freckles, and Greg already sitting at the cafeteria table.
“Well, Yoda…buy your prom tickets because I called Rico, and he’s going with me to prom.”
Yoda started laughing – diabolically…”There is absolutely no way I’m going to prom.”
“But I’m bringing Rico!” I countered.
“I don’t care.”

Yoda didn’t go to prom.

When Yoda said he wasn’t going, I tried uninviting Rico (unfortunately, he seemed honestly excited…)I called him, saying that things weren’t working out with Yoda. I told Rico that I didn’t know him, and that -honestly – the only reason I asked him was because Yoda told me to. Since Yoda wasn’t going to be coming to prom, I told Rico I’d be more comfortable going with someone else…”like Snoop.”
Perhaps Rico and Snoop were more rivals than I knew because when I said, “like Snoop” Rico seemed especially determined to go with me to my senior prom.

I remember, at one point, telling Snoop about this self-made-idiotic-dilemma…that I had asked RICO to the senior prom. He was surprised, and most likely hurt. I wasn’t clued-in enough at the time to feel any kind of pain from Snoop. He just said, “Wow! Rico?! I never would have thought that you would have invited him to your senior prom!” I tried explaining why I did, but I’m sure it sounded stupid. (Most likely because it was stupid).

So…I went to the Senior Prom with Rico. If it makes you feel better – It was the worst. It was a night I want to forget. In fact, I didn’t even take pictures – that night – before or after. At the prom, Rico spent most of his time dancing with other people and talking to a bunch of girls I wasn’t even friends with. (Rico…Suave). For the most part, Rico was off dancing while I was in another room where everyone was watching game four of the NHL Eastern Conference Playoffs – Flyers vs. Rangers…(back in the day – John LeClair, Eric Lindross, Ron Hextall…) knowing that if I had been smarter and – honestly – kinder, then I would have been at my senior prom – watching a hockey game – with Snoop…

That night wasn’t the last time I would regret asking dumb-old-Rico to my prom.

Read Part Five here.


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