A Date…And a Few More (part 3 of the HaM love story)

This is part three of the Homey and Me Love Story. It is when I was a teenager, long before I met Homey, but an important part of the story, nonetheless. You can Find part two here

Even though I embarrassed myself during my first phone call with snoop by relating my skateboard/rainbow dream, he called me again.

This time, it was on a Saturday, and he was seeing if I wanted to do anything…DUH. Of course I did! The problem was I already had plans. I was in a play. I had trouble admitting this to him because I didn’t want him to get the wrong idea about me.

Now, I’m not trying to offend anyone who participated in musicals/plays when they were in high school, but I absolutely was not one of those types of people. I didn’t mind plays and such, I just didn’t identify with the “musical” people. However, I had a good friend who was directing a play, and they needed someone to play the part of high school drop out, and for some strange reason she thought I would be perfect for the part.

So. I was in the play.

Saturday night was the last time our play would be performed, and afterwards there was a party for the cast. I had told my friends I would be at the cast-party. But when Snoop suggested we go out, I asked him if we could do something after my play. He agreed to come to my house and I lived up to my slacker role (in real life) by ditching my play-friends and the cast party, and then, instead, rushing to my house to watch The Empire Strikes Back for the nine-millionth time (but first time with Snoop).

We watched the movie in near silence.

After the movie, I walked him out to his car, and we stood out there to talk. He drove this old Volvo that he had bought from a friend for $500 bucks. We stood, in my driveway, chatting, making small-talk, laughing about how lame Luke Skywalker was, and how even though the force was awesome, Han Solo is was cool, he didn’t even need the force.

I will try to explain my driveway…in my neighborhood in PA, the houses were kind of set-back from the road, so my driveway was rather long. And in the forests of Chester County, PA – especially during the mid-nineties – it was dark. We didn’t (and still don’t) have streetlights. We just had trees and darkness. It is one of the best places on earth. Above our Garage, on the side of the house, my parents installed a very bright light. It would light up the driveway and part of our backyard.

Not my house...but this gives you an idea of what living in Chester County is like.
Not my house…but this gives you an idea of what living in Chester County is like.

I stood, talking to Snoop, facing that light, as he leaned on his car. I stood in his shadow to block the bright light. After a few seconds, he shifted his weight. The light was shining in my eyes again. Automatically, I shifted my weight, too – to block the light once again. He sensed what was going on, and shifted his weight again. I followed. He moved out of the light again, and I thought I heard him laughing.

He was laughing! I probably punched him in the arm, and said, “You’re doing that on purpose.” He smiled, and then stood in the light. Inwardly, I swooned – he likes me! he’s flirting with me.

We made more small talk, then I went inside, and he headed back up to Radnor. I had my first Mormon-boy crush, and he really was unlike anyone I had ever dated. We watched a movie – that both of us had seen at least a dozen times – without him trying to touch or kiss me. And then we stood, out in the woods in PA, spring fever in full force, making fun of school, talking star wars, and innocently flirting. It is exactly what dating- during your teenager years -should be. I wished every date could have been this simple and fun.


I’m going to spare you the details of our other dates…but we had several. I drove to Radnor. He drove to Downingtown. Sometimes, he would drive all the way to Downingtown and drive me back up to Radnor. We had fun. We swam, ate ice cream, watched hockey games, went to my sister’s play, drove around and talked to random truckers on the CB radio my mom put in my car. Everything was pure and innocent. We went out, had fun, and that was that. Perhaps we flirted slightly, but we never held hands or smooched. It was honestly good, and probably one of the best relationships I had ever had.

Then summer came, and he was going to work at a summer camp that was about 2 hours away. All of my dreams for summer fun with Snoopy were dashed when I heard about it. By this time, I was completely obsessed with him, and I wondered if he liked me. (I know, as I look back on this, it is pretty obvious. But I have a very thick skull. And I was a teenager. And I was obsessed…). I remember a particularly embarrassing phone call.

“Hey Snoop. What’s going on?”
“Well. I’m going to Camp tomorrow.”
“I know. That kind of sucks.”
“Well. I’ll make a lot of money. It won’t be too bad.”
“That’s true.” (I was really trying hard to play it cool).
“The people that work at the camp are awesome.” (aha! no wonder Snoop was excited about working at camp. There was probably some beautiful, mysterious woman he loved up there!)
“Yeah, that’s cool. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing. Probably just hanging out with friends, I guess.”
I was getting exasperated. You should know, I’m half-Italian. I’m assuming this is why I’m both impatient and direct. I continued.
“You know, Snoop. I guess the reason why I think it sucks that you’re going to camp is because I really like you.”
“Did you hear what I said?”
“Yeah…So…funny thing – even though I’m going to camp, they called me to be the secretary in the priests quorum.* I won’t even be here all summer. I won’t be able to help out much.”
“yeah. That is funny, Snoop…Well, I’ve got to go.”
I hung up the phone, and I’m pretty sure I cried.

Then, I got back on with life as a teenager. I locked up my stupid little heart, and became boy-crazier than ever, refusing to date a guy more than 3 times, and tried to forget about Snoop…At least for a while.

*In the Mormon church, the Men serve as Priesthood holders. They are divided into quorums, or groups – based on age. The Priest quorum is made up of young men – typically from the ages 16-18. Members of the quorum are, at times, asked to serve a leadership calling within the designated quorum. The leadership callings include President, Counselor, and Secretary. A secretary would help with the logistics of the needs of that quorum (taking attendance at meetings, taking minutes at meetings, helping with other administrative duties).


Click here for part 4.


5 thoughts on “A Date…And a Few More (part 3 of the HaM love story)

  1. Stephanie C.

    I’m lovin’ these. It takes me back to my high school days and the pretending-not-to-have-a-cruch-but-being-completely-head-over-heels times.

    Come on installment number four!

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