Handmade Gospel Book for Youth – Part 3

This is the third part of the gospel book I’m making for my daughter who will be twelve next summer. You can also see part one, and part two.

Divine Nature

This book is, generally, following the pattern of the young women’s values. So, naturally, after faith is Divine Nature. Additionally, in this section, are a few of the standards from For the Strength of the Youth that I felt could be grouped with Divine Nature.

Divine Nature 1

A few thoughts and explanation of Divine Nature
A few thoughts and explanation of Divine Nature

These pages are all about Divine Nature. Personally, I think that it can be a little bit tough to really understand what it means. It isn’t as obvious as something like faith or knowledge. Divine nature is understanding that we are children of God.

I wanted Tiger to understand that She is a daughter of God. No one can ever change that about her. It isn’t some kind of fleeting interest or hobby. It is her make-up. She is, always has been, and always will be a daughter of God.

I shared a personal experience – from when she was a baby. I was feeling overwhelmed with motherhood (she was only about a week old). I was overwhelmed with joy, emotions, and the responsibility that was before me. I prayed for comfort and guidance, and was reminded that though Tiger had been born to me, she was actually a daughter of God – my spiritual sister. I had a spiritual witness of her divine origins, and wanted her to know of this in detail.

Daughter of God
Daughter of God

Sometimes it is easy to forget this amazing truth.

Divine Nature II

A cute Poem and Picture of Tiger
A cute Poem and Picture of Tiger

For the next layout of pages, I found a cute poem – Who I really Am, by Cindy Maybon. I also drew a picture of Tanner, influenced by a picture I found online, but can’t find the link to now…

Entertainment and Media I

Advice about choosing entertainment and media.
Advice about choosing entertainment and media.

I felt that the standard entertainment and media would be good as a part of the Divine Nature group. I guess that it is because entertainment and media have a strong effect on us.

I wanted Tiger to understand that entertainment and media are not bad, but they are powerful, so we must be wise. I told her a story that I once heard at a youth conference when I was a youth (the story was told by one of the men in our stake presidency). He related a story of a woman who had gone into a coma for some reason, and before she was totally conscious, she started speaking, but no one could understand her. It turns out she was speaking Ancient Greek. Yet she hadn’t learned the language. She was actually reciting the words of a poem in Ancient Greek. The Doctors and her family were stunned. Finally, they made the connection. For years, she had been a housekeeper for a professor of Classical Languages/Literature. She must have overheard him recite the poem. And now, in her coma, she could recite it perfectly.

The point of the story was the power of our brains: to consume and keep information. Even though we aren’t the best at recalling information, once we consume something, it is stored away somewhere in our brains. I remember having a strong reaction to this story when I was a youth – realizing that I needed to be more careful about what I was choosing to listen to and watch. I didn’t want to fill my brain with trash!

Entertainment and Media II

Tips on how to CTR when it comes to entertainment and media.
Tips on how to CTR when it comes to entertainment and media.
...More tips...
…More tips…
...and more tips...
…and more tips…
...finally more tips.
…finally more tips.

For this layout, I wrote down tips that will help Tiger Choose The Right when it came to choosing entertainment and media. I found the list here at lds.org.

Family I

About Families
About Families

For the next subject, I chose family. It also seemed to fit in with Divine Nature. On these pages, I drew a cute little design, then wrote about all of the family that she has and loves her (which is a lot!). I also told her how much I regret that I didn’t spend more time cultivating my relationship with Sean before he passed away. I encouraged her to build her relationship with her siblings, to spend time with them, and to be forgiving of all of us. I know that our greatest joys and happiness will come in the walls of our homes – with our families.

Family II

Love this!
Love this!

Finally, for the last layout of the Divine Nature section, I found and wrote this quote by Joseph F. Smith. It was fun to make. 🙂 I also drew little drawings of the members of our family on the following page.

So…that’s it for this update. You can find more in the section for Individual Worth. I’m really happy about this book so far. I can’t wait to give it to her


18 thoughts on “Handmade Gospel Book for Youth – Part 3

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  3. I was absolutely excited when I saw this. This is an amazing and wonderful idea for children, family members, future children and grand children. I may be enlisting my husband to help me make books for our future children whether they be our own, or those that we welcome into our family. 🙂

    1. Thanks! I have enjoyed making it. Over and over again, I think of how I was as a teenager, and then I think of the challenges that our children face today. I know that I wasn’t particularly fond of lectures, but I still craved instruction and love from my parents. It is a strange thing. So…as a parent of soon-to-be-teens, I want them to know and understand, but I also know that a lecture isn’t always the best way to teach anything. I’m hoping that this book will be a good thing for her – that she’ll like it, that she’ll feel my testimony and desire one of her own.

  4. Helene Mathee

    Dearest Catania
    My daughter turned 14 in November. She has not been attending her youth class and YW classes as I wanted her to. She stays with me during the week but over weekends she stays with her dad. So she has been coming up with excuses not to come home to attend church. School started last week and she came to Church yesterday. A new councillor was called in the YW that inspired her so much. She came home and changed her status on FB to “Please don’t expect me to APOLOGISE for my HIGH standards. If you want to be in my life RISE up to meet them.” When I commented on it she started bearing her testimony. I sent a message to the new councillor to congratulate her on the influence she had on my daughter. Then I remembered your ideas for your daughter who would be attending YW this year. I mentioned it to the councillor and we decided to use your ideas to motivate our youth and especially my daughter. Thank you for a great blog.

    Helene Mathee

    1. I am so happy for her that she has had a good experience with this new councilor. I know that it can be a true blessing to have good youth leaders. I hope and pray that she will continue to feel a desire to go to church. I do remember being a youth, and that my testimony was as strong to me then as it is now. I have learned to be a better person, I have progressed, but essentially the power of my testimony has always meant a lot to me. Even though I felt the church was true as a youth, it is still delicate. I hope that you will be able to continue to experience good things with your daughter, and that she will learn to nurture her testimony. Thanks for sharing. Let me know how things go with your daughter and what you and the yw councilor plan on doing to help motivate her. 🙂

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