FHE – A Child of God

(I know…this is coming a little late, but better late than never).

On Monday night, Tiger taught a brief lesson (like 2 minutes…well maybe 45 seconds) on being a Child of God. She read a scripture and bore her testimony. Then we spent the rest of the evening celebrating the literal Son of God – Jesus Christ – by decorating for Christmas…

The T-Rex smiles and giggles while looking at Baby Jesus.
The T-Rex smiles and giggles while looking at Baby Jesus.

Our family has been collecting Nativity sets for a few years. (We may have gone overboard…) Every year, about 2 weeks before Christmas (maybe less – usually two Sundays before Christmas), we get a little “surprise” left on our doorstep. It is a nativity set – left from Santa Claus – complete with a hand-written card reminding our family of the true reason for the season. Over the years, we have accrued several Nativity Sets.

It is always fun to decorate the house with all of our Nativity Sets. The kids love putting them up. And, thanks to all the Christ-centered decorations, there is no question on why we celebrate Christmas. This isn’t to say that we have no secular Christmas decor. We have Santas and Snowmen, but also have an abundance of Nativities, and they make Christmas really special.

Feeling the Christmas Spirit!
Feeling the Christmas Spirit!

Throughout the month of December, our Family Home Evenings are a little different than the rest of the year. These FHE’s – are traditions – they are basically the same idea year after year. It is fun. Everyone looks forward to them.

1st FHE in December – Make Christmas Ornaments
2nd FHE in December – Deliver Christmas Cookies/Goodies to friends
3rd FHE in December – This year we will celebrate Panda’s birthday. Other years we will go out for a drive to look at Christmas lights while singing Christmas Carols.
4th FHE in December – This year it is Christmas Eve. We will read the Original Christmas Story (in Luke), make cookies for Santa, make reindeer food, and basically have the best night of the year!

How was your FHE? What kinds of things do you do for FHE during December?

For more FHE experiences, check out Jocelyn’s Blog.


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