FHE – Jesus Declares He is the Messiah

First of all, let me say that it pays to study your scriptures.

Originally, we were planning on carving pumpkins last night, but, as life goes, things got crazy. We are moving this week, so I had a few chores to take care of in the afternoon. Before I knew it, the time was 3:38, and we hadn’t even had dinner! We had pumpkins, but I knew that we wouldn’t have time to get the kitchen cleared away (boxes everywhere) in time for dinner and pumpkin carving, so that idea was shelved.

But we didn’t want to shelf FHE altogether, so…I checked out the Bible Video page on the Mormon Channel. As I considered which video to show, I was reminded of the list I pondered a few days ago – when Christ announced His Messiahship.

I loved what I learned a few days ago, and thought it would be a nice springboard for a discussion with the family. So we watched this video:

We watched through it a first time. Then, we watched it a second time, taking a moment to pause after he discussed each point of how He is the Messiah, and what he was anointed to do.

It was a nice conversation. We were able to talk about how the Savior preaches the gospel, heals us, delivers us, gives us sight, and liberates us.

We also took a few minutes to discuss the reaction of the people in the synagogue. I had the girls imagine a boy from their class (who is rather rambunctious) one day being called as the prophet. Tiger’s mouth gaped. Panda said, “That would be crazy.” I told them that this is, essentially, what the people in the synagogue thought, too. There was nothing special about Jesus. He was just the carpenter’s son. They couldn’t believe that Jesus was The Christ, the Promised Messiah.

Their lack of acceptance of the Savior wasn’t because they were unfamiliar with the scriptures, commandments, or traditions of the gospel. Their lack of acceptance was because they were unfamiliar with the Spirit.

Tiger mentioned that if these people would have had the Spirit, then maybe when they saw Christ, they would have reacted the same way the woman did who washed the Savior’s feet with her tears. I loved that remark and insight. It told Tiger, “You are absolutely right.”

It was a nice discussion for a somewhat crazed Monday Night. I would have liked to carve pumpkins, and I know that the kids would have, too…but life is a little crazy right now. So it pays to have personal scripture study daily – so we can be blessed with the Spirit and always prepared to teach.

For another FHE experience, head over to Jocelyn’s Blog.


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