FHE – The Sacrament

Last night, Tiger and Panda teamed up to present Family Home Evening. Both of them are working on their Faith in God goals. One of the goals instructs them to teach a lesson on the Sacrament, and they decided to work on it together.

Together, Tiger and Panda planned and presented Family Home Evening.
The T-Rex had fun playing with a washrag. I love how he is entertained by basically anything.
Sasquatch listened happily. After the lesson, when it was announced that we’d be eating M&M’s, she gasped with delight…Silly girl.

We began the lesson by reading the sacrament prayers. We discussed the promises in this ordinance.
We promise to:

  • Take upon ourselves the name of Christ
  • Always Remember Him
  • Keep the commandments He has given us

In Return the Lord Promises:

  • We may always have His Spirit to be with us.

We then discussed ways that we can prepare for the sacrament, and what we can do during sacrament meeting.

It was a nice, FHE. I love to see what the girls come up with on their own. As I have usually found – for them, FHE is not always about the actual presentation of the lesson. They are blessed with good experiences as they research the subject and create a lesson. It was especially cool to see them working on it together. FHE is more than just the sum of its parts. The planning, the learning, and of course, the actual event all bless our families in so many ways.

For another FHE experience, be sure to check out Jocelyn’s Blog.


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