FHE – General Conference Favorites

Last night was a laid back kind of FHE. We are still basking in the general conference glow. We decided to talk about General Conference – our favorite talks and moments – as we ate dinner.

First, here a few pictures from the day before…

Panda – taking notes during General Conference

Tiger watched General Conference from a make-shift table/tent.
Sasquatch watches general conference…we had a lot of chocolate available during conference (as you can tell by the corners of her mouth!)
The T-Rex is a little young to really appreciate conference, but he loved hanging out with all of us stopping by and playing with us throughout the conference.

Here are the favorite moments we had during conference:

Homey: The priesthood session talk given by Anthony Perkins. He spoke in the Priesthood session – about overcoming temptation through scripture study and prayer. Scripture study and prayer, while simple, can really empower our lives.

Tiger: The talk given by Elder Eyring. He spoke about how there are sometimes “pavilions” we create that cover the light of the Lord from our view. She mentioned that we can uncover these by doing what we must to stay close to the Spirit.

Panda: The new policy change for missionaries: men at 18 years old and women at 19 years old. I have to admit, I’m super excited about the change, too. I always wanted to serve a mission when I was younger. It was a dream of mine, but wasn’t meant to be. This is not a problem for me because I can see the wisdom that the Lord had in directing my life in another path. However, I think that more women will be able to serve now that the age standard has been lowered. Mostly I’m excited because this will help the missionary efforts throughout the world. And it will also be a blessing to women. There are so many women who struggle to remain active during the Young Women’s / Relief Society transition. I figure this will really help that problem.

Sasquatch: She mostly told us gibberish…Her favorite part of conference was the monkey and his friend the squirrel (no idea where this came from!). We asked her about the Prophet. She knows him: President Monster. So cute! And she told us that the prophet will get the badguys!

Me: I mentioned the talk by Dallin H. Oaks. It made an impact on me. I recognize that he probably didn’t particularly enjoy giving this talk. I mean, what he spoke on was relatively obvious. Yet we need His reminders in this world – that Children truly are a gift from God – a heritage of the Lord. As I listened to his talk, I felt myself validated for my choice to be a stay-at-home mother.

I have received a Bachelor’s Degree. I once had hopes and ambitions – Worldly ones like profession, etc. Yet, I also have hopes and ambitions that are way bigger than something like a job. I want to live with God again. I want to be what He sees in me. In fulfilling this dream, I know that motherhood plays a significant role. Yet, sometimes I feel the pressure. That I’m not really doing much with my life. That I’ve wasted my education to stay at home. It was a good reminder to know that nothing I do for my children is a waste. In fact, I felt motivated to be a better parent.

I also loved Elder Holland’s talk…but more on that later.

How did you like conference? What did you do for FHE last night?

For more real-life FHE experiences, head on over to Jocelyn’s Blog.


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