The Plan of Salvation – Intro to Study Series

One of my all-time favorite scriptures is Moses 1:39. The Lord tells Moses what His goals are:

“For behold, this is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.”

This scripture tells us we have a purpose. It tells us that God has a purpose. It implies that we aren’t on earth because of a cosmic accident, or even miracle. We are here because God wants us to be immortal and to live eternally. We are here because God wants to bless us with His very best blessings. And, when we do receive the blessings of immortality and eternal life – God is glorified.

Understanding God’s work and glory brings a lot of peace and comfort to our minds when we start asking ourselves the “who am I?”/”why am I here?” kinds of questions. Understanding our eternal nature and purpose also comforts us as we go through the trials we face in life. However, this scripture doesn’t explain to us how we can receive immortality and eternal life.

Because the Lord’s work and glory is our eternal success, He has revealed the pattern to our eternal lives. It is called The Plan of Salvation. There are other terms for it, too, including (but not limited to) The Plan of Happiness, The Plan of Redemption, The Merciful Plan of the Great Creator.

In his talk titled, “The Plan of Salvation”, L. Tom Perry teaches some of the basics of this plan. He tells about the Pre-Mortal estate – where our Spirits were created and prepared by God, He also teaches about the Creation, Mortality, Atonement, Death, and Resurrection. All of these elements of the Plan of Salvation are proof of God’s Love. Elder Perry states:

“Thus we see in the eternal plan of our Father that His love has no bounds. Every one of His children is included. All men have the same origin and equal possibility to fulfill their eternal destiny” – L. Tom Perry

I love this quote! All of us are included. This plan isn’t available for people of a certain background and class. This plan for redemption and happiness is available to all of His children. And, despite the country we come from or the time we live, we have a common origin: we are children of God. He has given us the blessings and opportunities we need in order to succeed.

When I think of this fact, I must admit that I can think of what I believe to be “exceptions.” There are so many people on this earth who seem to have more advantages than others. Yet, perhaps I should trust in the plan and the Lord a little more. If this is the pattern that the Lord has set for our eternal Salvation, and if He is a just and loving God, then He didn’t make a plan that would work only for some. Through His infinite wisdom and power, he can bring about the immortality and eternal life to all of His willing children through this one plan.

It’s pretty amazing.

As we study the Plan of Salvation for the next two weeks, we will feel of God’s wisdom and love. The topics we will be studying include:

Our lives have a purpose. As we study the Plan of Salvation we will discover both our purpose and the process to achieve our potential. I hope that as you study these scriptures your testimony will grow, and you will feel more of the Lord’s love for you, specifically.

What are your initial thoughts and/or testimony of the Plan of Salvation?

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5 thoughts on “The Plan of Salvation – Intro to Study Series

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  2. Sandy

    I love this study that you have put together. Thank you! Thank you ! As far as I can remember, I have always been at peace and experienced great comfort from this knowledge. If everyone knew these truths, life’s choices and our faith would be amazingly awesome!

  3. Stephanie

    The knowledge of The Plan of Salvation has given me a few glimpses of perspective these last few weeks while we’ve been going through some trials. When I see the broader picture, even for a split second, it calms my fears and reminds me why I am here.

    I’m excited for this Catania. What a perfect way to prepared from Conference!

    1. Thanks Stephanie…:)

      The Plan of Salvation does the same for me. Even if though I don’t have the same view/perspective that God does, knowing that everything is so much bigger than here and now can be comforting. It also helps me to prioritize. I’m so grateful for this knowledge.

      Thanks for commenting, and I really hope you like the series. 🙂

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