FHE – Joseph Smith

All in all, yesterday was a great “family” day. I’m still recovering from surgery. (Side note: I don’t care for recovering from surgery. I start to feel better, then way overdo it, and feel horrible. I realize that I need 4-6 weeks to recover from my surgery, but it seems like a week of sitting on the couch should be fine…and two weeks: holy mackerel that’s a long time!) Anyways – I’m recovering from surgery, which means we sat around the house all day.

Homey didn’t mind at all, and I have a feeling we would have been sitting around the house all day anyways because he had a golf tournament to watch on T.V. The kids love watching golf with him. So we watched golf, and had hamburgers on the grill.

After all of that fun family stuff, Sasquatch taught us a lesson about Joseph Smith.

Sasquatch teaches us about Joseph Smith

Now – Sasquatch is only three, so she always needs help with FHE. Tiger, our eleven year-old helped her. Together, they read a few stories about Joseph Smith. After reading the stories, we played a game.

Preparing the Game

Tiger created a series of questions based on the stories we read. We had a little bell, and would ring in when we knew the answers. It was a lot of fun.

Closing Song

We sang a song together and closed. It was a fun little FHE. The best is watching Sasquatch proudly present a little lesson.

What did you do for FHE? For another great FHE post, check out Jocelyn’s blog.


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