Upcoming Scripture Study Series: The Plan of Salvation

I’ve been working on a really awesome project for my daughter’s 12th birthday (next year). Here’s a picture – although it isn’t a great picture…

The Plan of Salvation (in progress)

For a part of this project for my daughter, I’m illustrating the Plan of Salvation. The above picture is only a part of it, but usually you see pictures like this:

Click image for source.

So – I have a bit of an issue with this depiction of the plan of salvation. I feel like it is only a part of the explanation of the plan. In this, we get an idea of what happens, but we don’t have any context or understanding.

There is so much more to the plan of salvation!!!

And the thing is, this plan is so exciting.

So, it’s got me thinking about a new scripture study series – based on the plan of salvation. I’ll let you in on a hint – it will be more of a combination of the plan of salvation, the three pillars of the gospel, and the doctrine of Christ. It will be complete and inspiring.

So – if you are interested in the Plan of Salvation Study Series, please, comment here, or email me.

Here are some more details of the scripture study series:
Plan of Salvation Scripture Study Series
Will start on September 12 and go until September 28, 2012. I will post daily scripture study assignments and daily blog posts discussing the scripture assignment.

Check out my new Facebook Page where you can “like” That Good Part, and receive notifications on new blogs and assignments. You can also comment here with others who are participating in the Scripture Study Series.

If you are interested, sign up for the scripture study series (via commenting, email, or fb) and be a part of the conversation.

Please, join in the fun!


14 thoughts on “Upcoming Scripture Study Series: The Plan of Salvation

  1. Patti Luke

    My daughter sent me the links to your week of Easter study and I enjoyed them so much I am excited for the Plan of Salvation. Thank you!

  2. I would love to join in too! I just discovered you through Jocelyn Christensen’s blog and I’m so glad I did. I’ve been peeking through your pages and am loving what I’m seeing! I also “liked” the FB page. Thank you for this! It’s like seminary for adults!

    Cathy β™₯

  3. Judy Bohne

    I really enjoy your FHE posts so I am looking forward to this study of the Plan of Salvation. You are a very talented lady and I appreciate you!

  4. Beverly MacJanet

    I just found your site this morning. It looks quite informative, and I would like to be a part of this. I am in my 70’s and am teaching early morning seminary. I have always loved reading and studying the scritures, and am a teacher by profession, so my heart is with the youth. Please count me in. Thank you. BEVERLY

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