FHE – The Word of Wisdom

Tiger drew the subject of the Word of Wisdom for Monday’s FHE lesson. She did a good job researching the Word of Wisdom and thinking of a lesson plan.

During her preparation, she read the Word of Wisdom as it is recorded in Doctrine and Covenants 89. The Word of Wisdom is the dietary code that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints follow.

For her lesson, she created a few pictures.

On each card, she drew an object or type of food. Then she wrote good or bad. She also left a blank space so we could fill in the objects she talked about.

We learned about wine and strong drinks, plants and fruits, meat, grains, and the promise of the Word of Wisdom.

We discussed how science has changed its minds on a lot of things since the Word of Wisdom was given to Joseph Smith (1833). People have thought smoking to be good in the past, they have thought that we should eat no meat, a lot of meat, mostly grains, no grains, raw foods, grilled foods. You name it. There is a study that can “prove” any viewpoint.

Thankfully, we have a dietary code given to us from the creator of our bodies. We don’t have to worry about scientific theories or fads. We have a simple directive that teaches us how to take care of the amazing blessing of our body.

My favorite part of the Word of Wisdom is the promise:

” And all saints who remember to keep and do these sayings, walking in obedience to the commandments, shall receive health in their navel and marrow to their bones;

And shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures;

And shall run and not be weary, and shall walk and not faint.

And I, the Lord, give unto them a promise, that the destroying angel shall pass by them, as the children of Israel, and not slay them. Amen.” – Doctrine and Covenants 89:18-21

It was a nice Family Home Evening and opportunity to talk about our bodies – that they are sacred and there is a way that we can take care of them. In a few weeks, I’ll be giving a FHE lesson on morality/virtue. I’m glad that we talked about how to take care of our bodies, physically. It will fit into the subject of being virtuous nicely.

I’m grateful for FHE. As I write this, I’m realizing that my oldest daughter is in sixth grade. She will begin to face new temptations. Soon she’ll face many temptations regarding the Word of Wisdom. I’m grateful for a good, safe forum for discussing gospel principles – such as the Word of Wisdom. It is my hope that through these traditions in our home, she and the rest of my children will gain enough confidence to know that they don’t need to look to outsides sources for supposed happiness. I hope that they will learn that short-term pleasure may not result in long-term joy. I hope that they will see the wisdom in The Word of Wisdom and other gospel principles.

What did you do for FHE? Check out Jocelyn’s blog for another fun FHE.


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