FHE – Confidence and The Phone Call

Well, summer is nearing an end. The kids will be in school next week. We went on a family trip to San Diego, and things are starting to transition from the lazy end of summer to oh-my-goodness-school-starts-next-week. Homey was in charge of family home evening last night, so amidst all the end of summer fun, he planned a simple FHE. (Oh, plus he’s sick…poor guy).

So, we watched The Phone Call.

When Homey was growing up, this was the go-to lesson for his priest quorum. If you can believe it, I didn’t see this little gem of a movie until a few months ago. It was recently posted onto Youtube by Mormon Messages. Homey decided this would be the perfect thing to do for FHE.

We watched it, laughed at the antics of Scott, we thought about how this is totally the inspiration for Napoleon Dynamite, and we enjoyed the lovely bassoon soundtrack.

After watching the movie, we discussed its merits. Even though the movie is kind of cheesy, it really is worth discussing with the kids! We talked about how Scott gained confidence. He thought that he needed to take a Karate class become confident, but really he gained confidence by trying something he was afraid of, by working hard, and through affirmation from good friends.

Additionally, I was interested in Becky. Scott saw Becky’s worth, and Joe, the jerk, didn’t. The thing is, Becky was with Joe, so it shows that maybe Becky didn’t see her own worth either. It is through her friendship with Scott that she begins to see that she is worth more than “two cents.”

I think that the Becky situation resonated with me because as a young woman, I may have dated a couple of “Joe’s”. Tiger and Panda, while not yet at the dating age, are nearing their teen years. They are beginning to get a sense of what relationships are like. I want them to learn – long before they start dating – what a good relationship is, what a good guy is like. Not only do I need to model this in my own life, but it was good to have the chance to point out that Becky lacked confidence and that is why she was with Joe. As Becky started to hang out with Scott, even though he seemed dorkier, she was happier and more confident. Scott saw Becky’s true worth, and she began to see it, too.

I want my daughters to choose friends that see, and will help them to see, their true worth.

So – what started out as a cheesy, simple FHE turned out to be a nice conversation with our kids about confidence, friends, working hard, and a goofy guy making a phone call.


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