FHE – The Bible

One thing that’s interesting about having different people teach Family Home Evening is the different ways that people present lessons.

Last week, Sasquatch chose the topic: The Bible. It’s a pretty broad topic. You could teach a Family Home Evening lesson based on the Bible in so many ways. When Sasquatch chose this topic, I was wondering how on earth I would help her prepare a lesson on the Bible.

I was off the hook a few minutes later because Panda begged to help Sasquatch with the lesson. As they went to prepare the lesson, I kept thinking of how I would teach the lesson. I figured that I would use the talk: The Miracle of the Holy Bible by M. Russell Ballard. I didn’t tell Panda to use this resource but figured at some point I would.

Well, that never happened. Instead, Panda decided to use the Illustrated New Testament Stories. She helped Sasquatch Read a story.

It was pretty cute. Originally, they were going to read about the ten virgins. Sasquatch decided to “read” something on her own. The story she told talked about Jesus standing on steps (that was what was pictured), then going to the doctor, the supermarket, watching Beauty and the Beast, and going potty on the toilet. We all smiled. She was so genuine. As always is the case when Sasquatch teaches a lesson, the biggest benefit of FHE isn’t necessarily learning some kind of doctrinal lesson, but rather having the spirit of love infuse our home. It was a nice FHE.

After Sasquatch read her “story” she let Panda help her read another story. They read about Mary seeing the resurrected Lord. It is one of my favorite stories. While Panda whispered in Sasquatch’s ear, and Sasquatch repeated, I found myself lost in thought. Instead of thinking about the story, I was basking in the happiness of seeing my children work together. It was so nice. 🙂

After the lesson, we played Mario Party on Wii. This is Sasquatch’s favorite thing in the whole wide world. Even though some video games don’t promote unity or happiness, we like the games where everyone can play, and we cheer for one another.

Even the T-Rex gets in on the action…he LOVES playing wii.
All the kids love to play together. Every once in a while, video games can be okay!

I am grateful for FHE. Thank you for indulging me as I share our lessons and activities. I hope that they are helpful to others, too.

What did you do for FHE? See more FHE experiences at Jocelyn’s Blog.


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