FHE – Citizenship

Last night, Panda taught us a Family Home Evening on Citizenship. She started the Lesson by having someone read this definition:

Citizenship: The character of an individual viewed as a member of society.

We made sure to explain what character meant, and how the word citizen really applies to how we act with the general public – rather than in our home. For example, family members are not considered citizens, but are sisters, brothers, or parents. Citizens are members of a society, and citizenship reflects how we act in society.

Obviously, we want to do good.

After discussing this definition, Panda then asked us ways that we can show good citizenship. Answers included serving others, obeying the laws, being informed on news and politics, voting, and being respectful to others – even if they have different viewpoints and beliefs.

We then decided to be good citizens by making some dinner for a family in our ward. (They recently had a baby).

Dad made the dough, and the kids helped decorate the pizza.

Yum! The best Pizza ever! Here’s a hint: use canned crushed tomatoes for the sauce. Then sprinkle kosher salt over the pizza along with dried oregano.

Before cooking the pizza, add the toppings (other than cheese). We use sliced ham. Then cook the pizza with no cheese. Add the cheese and melt it at the very end.
Make sure you have cute, singing spectators!

While making Pizza, we also watched a few Mormon Messages. This one was my favorite:

I love how in the video, he is awarded for his citizenship! It was perfect for our lesson.

We also made salad and cookies.

After everything was ready, we delivered the meal. It was nice to see their sweet baby. Having been a recipient of many meals, I know that nothing tastes better than those meals that people bring to you when you just got home from the hospital. Maybe it is because they are made with so much love.

Well…that’s what we did for FHE. What did you do? How do you show good citizenship?

Check out another FHE experience over at Jocelyn’s blog.


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