FHE – Nephi Breaks His Bow

Tonight, Tiger prepared an “animation” for us to watch for Family Home Evening. The girls have been studying the Book of Mormon and very recently read the account where Nephi Breaks his bow. Here is her interpretation of the event.

She created the entire video herself! She wrote a script, drew the pictures, took pictures with the camera, edited the movie, added the narration, added music, and voila…a video. Of course, I spent a lot of time helping her with the activity. Not only was this an accomplishment for her – but an accomplishment for me to let her do everything! πŸ˜‰

Because there was so much work to do, Tiger had to begin making the video earlier in the day – when everyone else was playing wii. She had a hard time with that. She didn’t want to make the video. Even though she was initially really excited about making an animation, her desire to play – to experience immediate satisfaction/entertainment – was beginning to eclipse any excitement she had for the project earlier.

I didn’t want to be controlling, but I stood firm – reminding her that she was in charge of FHE, she had already done so much planning, and – above all – that she would be so proud of the good work she has done when she finished it. It’s funny, even though I don’t always have an eye of faith, I was teaching her to have one. FHE gives us so many opportunities to teach our families – I often teach more to my children when they prepare FHE than I do during the actual activity.

It was nice to work together. I hope that this is something she remembers. As we finished the project, Tiger could see that she had done good work. She was so excited for Family Home Evening.

At FHE, we watched the video. Sasquatch (our three year old) shouted, “Let’s watch it again! AGAIN!” We all agreed and decided to watch it again. Tiger was able to feel the pride and happiness that comes from a job well done.

What did you do for FHE? Do you let your kids plan? How do you help them? Please share! Also – check out Jocelyn’s FHE experience.


2 thoughts on “FHE – Nephi Breaks His Bow

  1. Marcia Marshall

    Hello! Thank you so much, Tiger, for this movie! We showed it to our kids today for FHE for our lesson on Nephi breaking his bow. It was great! We watched it several times and stopped it and talked about who was murmuring and who was solving problems. One of our kids noticed that Lehi had what looked like the Liahona in his hand. Then we all sand “Nephi’s Courage” for a closing song because we heard it on your movie. WHat a great FHE! Thanks for all the work you did on this. I can tell it took a long time. We hope you make more πŸ™‚

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