FHE – Thomas S Monson

Last night, Sasquatch taught us a lesson on Thomas S. Monson. Since the older girls are home on summer break, they were excited to help her prepare for the lesson.

Sometimes, I am tempted to be really controlling. I mean, I can think of “better” ideas and make “better” visual aids. But, I thought better of my ability and realized that letting the older girls help Sasquatch prepare FHE would be good for them – and their relationships. It would also be a great chance for them to learn something about the prophet as they helped Sasquatch prepare her lesson. So, luckily, good sense (rather than my stupid pride) prevailed, and Tiger helped Sasquatch with a wonderful Family Home Evening.

President Monson raised pigeons. Sasquatch liked holding some of the pictures on the side rather than right-side up.
Intently teaching us about the prophet.
The Salt Lake City Temple
T-Rex enjoyed FHE; especially looking at the pictures.
Tiger and Sasquatch

I realize that there aren’t any pictures of Panda, but she was a part of FHE. We had a good evening. It was cute to hear Sasquatch teach us about the prophet.

Again, this was one of those experiences where we, as a family, didn’t really learn much about our lesson (in the conventional way). It was a 3-minute talk given by a 3-year old. But that doesn’t matter! What matters was that our home was filled with love. Our 3-year old is learning that she matters, her voice is heard. There are ways that she can contribute. Our 10-year old was able to help research and prepare a sweet talk for the 3-year old to give. While we may not learn much about the subject, I don’t think that’s always the point of FHE. Instead, our bonds as family members were strengthened as we talked with one another, listened to each other, and sang and prayed together. When we remember the big picture of FHE, it is obvious that we learned a lot.

What did you do for FHE?

For another FHE experience, be sure to check out Jocelyn’s post over at We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ.


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