FHE – Testimony

Well, tonight FHE wasn’t quite what I planned. Originally, we were going to go to the Phoenix Temple. However, Homey had a late meeting at work, and by the time he got home, it was about Seven. We abandoned our plans to go to the temple site (we’ll do that next week), and instead I picked a different topic from the FHE jar.

The topic: testimony.

As I considered what to teach (while making dinner), I decided to check out any bible videos that may fit the theme…and I found the perfect thing:

This was perfect because it is Christ testifying of himself. We discussed the video, why it was important for him to testify of Himself. We talked about why the people didn’t understand – they needed to receive the message with the Spirit

We can’t receive a testimony without the help of the Spirit.

The older girls received an assignment: read the story of Elijah – so they could understand why Christ referred to it in this passage of scripture.

FHE was impromptu, but nice. I’m always grateful when we hold it. Sasquatch and T-Rex also entertained us with sloppy oreo eating while we watched the video and discussed it.

Tonight, I was tempted to scrap FHE altogether, but I’m glad that we held it. When things fall through, it is easy to call it off, but there are so many wonderful resources that can help us pull together an impromptu FHE, and, if you pray that the Spirit is there, then you will all be edified.

What did you do for Family Home Evening? Check out another great FHE experience over at Jocelyn’s Blog.


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