FHE – Family Prayer

Tonight’s FHE was interesting. First of all, let’s just say that it is summer. You would think that this would mean we would have more time to plan a decent FHE, but it seems to get forgotten after swimming, movies, wii, and just hanging out.

Last night, Panda planned an FHE on Family Prayer. I use the term planned quite loosely. But it turned out just fine.

Family Prayer (More Good Foundation, Click Image for source)

We ate dinner, discussed our “highs and lows” of the day. Then, we did a little bit of role playing. We “acted out” having a day without prayer. We ate plastic food, and had plenty of play fights. Then, we role played a day with prayer. There was peace, we listened to each other. Panda explained why family prayer helps our days go better.

The best part about FHE wasn’t the spiritual message (that was good, too), but it was fun to hang out, eat pretend food, have pretend food fights, and play. It was also nice to discuss the importance of prayer – especially to Sasquatch, the three-year-old. Lately, she has been iffy about saying prayers. She likes the attention she gets from offering a prayer. She also loves the attention she gets when she refuses to pray, and we beg her to do it. We talked about prayer helping us and bringing a warm feeling in our hearts.

It is nice to have older children teaching younger children. Tiger and Panda helped teach Sasquatch about prayer. I realized that it doesn’t matter if Sasquatch learned anything in that moment. The older girls strengthened their own testimonies by bearing theirs and encouraging their little sister to pray.


What did you do for FHE? Check out another fun FHE experience over at Jocelyn’s Blog.


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