FHE – Kindness

Last night, Panda taught us an FHE lesson on kindness. It actually was a lot of fun. We started with a song and scripture, as usual. Then Panda organized a little object lesson/game…

Sunset on Goulais Bay, by S. Pisharam (Click Image for Source)

Make a puzzle by printing out the above picture on a piece of cardstock, and cutting into puzzle pieces.

Round One

  • First, Panda handed out slips of paper to everyone. We couldn’t look at what our paper said.
  • Instead, we had to tape it to our foreheads for everyone else to read.
  • The slip of paper indicated how everyone was supposed to treat us.
    • For example, Homey’s sheet said “ignore me”, so we ignored everything he said. He didn’t know what his sheet said, so it took him a few minutes to realize that we were just ignoring him.
    • Other sheets included yell at me, call me names, and interrupt me.
  • We proceeded to eat dinner and “talk” about our day. Of course, no one was really able to communicate anything. T-Rex was getting sad and worried because there was so much yelling. We then tried to put together a puzzle, but it took a long time, and I think that some people’s feelings were nearly hurt. (I had to make sure to wink at Panda every time I interrupted her. Or at Tiger whenever I called her a name!)

Round Two

  • Again, Panda handed out slips of paper that we taped to our foreheads.
  • This time, they said things like listen to me, compliment me, encourage me, and be nice to me.

We were playing around – as we had gotten used to the game by then, but the conversation was so much smoother. We encouraged one another, said nice things, and listened. The Spirit was different when we were being home. When we put the puzzle together, it went so easily and everyone was happy. The environment was conducive to concentration (which was helpful for the puzzle), and overall, the feeling of vulnerability vanished. When we were kind to one another, we could trust each other.

After our games, Panda asked us a few questions we talked about kindness, and agreed that Kindness is more than “being nice”. It is deep love and concern for others. Like Christ, when we are kind, we are compassionate. We seek the comfort of others over our own comfort.

The lesson was a good reminder to me. As the mother, I should be kind to my children! I should be patient and loving. And I have to admit that this isn’t always the case. For one reason or another, I let little irritations get to me, then I’m not as kind as I should be. I yell at my kids or let my tone get too negative. When I lash out this way, it kills kindness which, in turn, kills any chance of growth. It is my responsibility to create a nurturing environment, and during FHE, I felt the distinct impression that I need to be kinder as I mother my children.

Finally, Panda closed with her testimony. One thing she mentioned I will share here, “If we are kind, we are happier. If we are rude, we won’t be happy. Maybe at the start we will be, but at the end, you won’t be happy at all. If you are kind, you will be happy from beginning to end.”

How did FHE go for your family last night? For more FHE experiences, check out We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ


2 thoughts on “FHE – Kindness

  1. Ah, this is great…really fun activities at the top. My kids are still too young for that I think…only Guy can read, but maybe soon this’ll work. Thanks for sharing! Wonderful points here!

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