Christ’s Lineage – Thoughts and a Poem

See Luke 3:23-38 and Matthew 1:1=16


I’ve been working on a little scripture study project. It isn’t anything crazy or special, just stuff I like to do – like artwork and poetry. The drawing is part of a study that I want to eventually paint – based on the scriptures that are listed above: giving Christ’s lineage.

Have you ever sat and thought about the lineage of Christ? I don’t know about you, but when I read the chapters that give the lineage of anyone my eyes begin to glaze over…one begat turns into another. I eventually skip down to where the “good stuff” starts.

However, this last time while studying it, I felt like I wanted to actually learn something – I mean, there has to be a reason that the lineage of Christ is included twice in the gospels. So I sat and actually pondered these verses…

When we understand our heritage, we can understand more about ourselves. I think that this is true for the Savior, too. When we understand His heritage, we begin to learn more about Him. We learn about His culture, perhaps some traits, and even things like his physical look.

On a related note – I have had the opportunity to do a fair amount of family History work. As I’ve completed the work, not only have I felt a stronger connection to my ancestry, I have also come to know more about myself. We are connected. We can know the Savior when we know His heritage.

Christ was the natural and rightful heir to the throne of Israel. Through both his (step)father Joseph and his mother Mary, he would have inherited the throne (if the Romans had not conquered Israel and set up their own governors and kings). Despite the government at that time, Christ was the King of Israel, literally.

Christ was born in the covenant. He was able to fulfill all righteousness and the entire will of His Father. He is the rightful heir to all that His Father, our Heavenly Father has.

Even those “begat” verses can teach us something!

Oh…and finally…a little poem

This tree
Branches crook—
Heavy with
Judah’s bough sags:

Begetting the King—
Humbly glorious: His majesty appears no different than any other
Plump parcel.
Begetting the Covenant—
Everlasting promise of sweetness
And life.
Begetting the Firstborn—
The pleasure of Him who planted the
Very tree.

This tree—
Ancient and current;
Roots, stem, limbs,
Tentacle through dirt,
wind, and time—
Heavy with


6 thoughts on “Christ’s Lineage – Thoughts and a Poem

    1. Thanks 🙂 It is a fun challenge to write poetry on these subjects. I have been working on a poem about Zacharias in the Temple – a villanelle. Anyway…thanks for the nice comment!

  1. susanne3n

    Loved this. I’m not sure if I understand “Christ was born in the covenant,” though. *scratching my head* Heavenly Father obviously wasn’t sealed to Mary as a spouse. Could you expound upon that more, please. Thanks.

    1. I was afraid of this misunderstanding. I just mean that Christ is covenant – in that he is literally a member of the house of Israel through his lineage – Mary. Additionally, being the son of God, he is a member of covenant Israel.

      In fact, he is the covenant. So – I guess that I should have been more clear on this point. I didn’t really mean it in the same context that we talk about being Born in the Covenant, but that he was truly a literal descendant of Israel, therefore had the birthright blessings.

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