He-man: Another Reason to Love the Scriptures

Did you know that this guy makes an appearance in the scriptures?

He-Man, by Semihundido (click Image for source)

Okay…so he comes up a lot in the old testament…check it out here.

But I never really noticed until I read this:

” In consequence of transgression, let that which was bestowed upon Heman Basset be taken from him, and placed upon the head of Simonds Ryder.” – Doctrine and Covenants 52:37

At first I thought it was because my eyes were blurry, and I missed the R…but nope…I was reading it correctly – it’s Heman Basset. Do you think that Brother Basset pronounced it “He-man?” I can’t believe that I’ve read the Doctrine and Covenants several times before and never noticed this until now…

These are the things you’ve got to love about reading the scriptures!

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