FHE – The Fifth Article of Faith

Last night in Family Home Evening, Sasquatch taught us about the fifth article of faith.

“We believe that a man must be called of God, by prophecy, and by the laying on of hands by those who are in authority, to preach the Gospel and administer in the ordinances thereof.” – Articles of Faith 1:5

Since Sasquatch is just a little three-year-old girl, her lessons are very simple – think primary talk simple. But she absolutely loves to be the one giving the lesson.

I have a “home-made gospel art kit” – which consists of pictures that I’ve cut out of the Ensign. It is such a wonderful resource for FHE and church lessons.

Called of God

Sasquatch taught us that the First Presidency – President Monson, Eyring, and Uchtdorf (getting a 3-year-old kid to say Uchtdorf is so cute!) – have been called of God.

The older two asked us what it meant – that a man is called of God, by prophecy. We made sure to emphasize that prophecy means through the Spirit.

Those who are called to serve in the Church do not go to university for it and then decide to take it on as a vocation. Many times they are called to serve despite shortcomings and other difficulties.

Sasquatch Teaches us that Moses Laid His Hands on Aaron.

Sasquatch showed a series of pictures including a boy receiving the priesthood, a deacon passing the sacrament, and John the Baptist Giving the Aaronic Priesthood to Joseph Smith.

We made sure to emphasize that those who are called of God will be called through proper channels. For example, I can’t wake up tomorrow and decide to call a new Bishop for the Ward. The Stake President will call the Bishop. We talked about how some callings are given by the Bishop, some by the Stake, and others by the Prophet and First Presidency. Callings must be done in order and by proper authority.

It was a nice family home evening, and it was timely. Our bishop (from Arkie-land) was just released, and the ward received a new Bishop. We were able to talk about the process and help the children understand more about what we believe.

And it is always fun to hear the Sasquatch teach. She is so eager. She brings such a beautiful spirit to Family Home Evening.

What did you do??? Check out Jocelyn’s Blog for another FHE.


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