Come Listen to the Prophets

I’m excited for General Conference. It seems like General Conference always comes at the perfect time. I always need the nourishment, the messages, the reminders, the gentle rebukes, and the inspiration to keep striving.

Here’s a quote that I loved from a recent Conference

“By patiently walking in the path of discipleship, we demonstrate to ourselves the measure of our faith and our willingness to accept Gods’ will rather than ours.” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

I love the prophets and apostles. I haven’t met any of them, but I have a testimony that they are called of God. I know that they speak for the Lord today. I have felt the Spirit confirm to me of their divine callings. I’m grateful that there are so many people willing to sacrifice so much time, effort, and energy on the behalf of millions of people that they’ve never met. I’m grateful that we live in a time when their teachings and testimonies are easily accessible.

If you’ve never heard the prophets speak, I encourage you to check it out!

Come listen to living prophets

On another note…here is the First Assignment for the Easter Scripture Study Series. Read, study, enjoy, and if you want, come back tomorrow to share insights.


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