FHE – AZ Appreciation

These last few weeks have been crazy, and yesterday was no exception, but Panda was so excited to give FHE, she didn’t want to miss it. We don’t currently have an actual home, so Panda taught from the hotel room.

Panda is teaching FHE

We didn’t have the typical lesson. We opened with a song, prayer, and scripture, then Panda announced the rest of the evening…

We’d go get dinner from Panda Express (surprise?!) and/or Rubio’s. We’d eat our food outside, and talk about our favorite things we would do in Arizona, and what we looked forward to.

Homey's Favorite

It was a nice evening. The weather was perfect, it was fun to reminisce and also look forward. The T-Rex walked all around the place, making other people laugh. In general it was great to spend some time together. After a long day of looking for places to live, filling out paperwork, and other chores, it was nice to eat, relax, and chat together. I have to say, I love Family Home Evening…even when we don’t quite have a home!

Check out what Jocelyn’s family did for FHE over at her blog.


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