FHE – Arkansas Appreciation

A Beautiful Night at the Park

I know…this probably sounds like a funny kind of Family Home Evening, but we did it for good reason. It was a beautiful day, the first Monday since daylight savings time, and Dad was in charge.

He decided we would go to the park, eat dinner, and talk about the things that we have experienced while living in Arkansas.

Panda and Tiger - Having fun at the Park
Sasquatch is so cute!!!
T-Rex is just hanging out in his stroller.

Here are some of the experiences we have had in Arkie-land:

  • Mountain Biking
  • Building a House
  • T-Rex was born
  • Allergies
  • Going to Spanish Treasure Cave
  • Ozark Natural Science Center
  • Going to Eureka Springs
  • The Spring Peepers
  • Skunks on the Porch
  • Bunnies Eating our Johnny-jump-ups
  • Mom grilling
  • Birdfeeders
  • Friends
  • Writing Comics
  • Serving in Young Women’s
  • Panda’s Baptism
  • Visiting aunt, uncle, and cousin in OKC
  • Tornado Warnings – hanging out in the basement
  • Snowstorms and sledding
  • Going to the Lake
  • Having friends over
  • Gardening a lot – only to have the deer eat every single tomato (but one)…luckily the deer don’t like Basil!
  • Having fun at Tanyard Creek, throwing rocks in the water, hanging out with Grandparents
  • Pre-school with Mrs. Egg
  • Sasquatch’s obsession with cocoway and cooking

There were so many things that we could talk about. It was fun to reminisce about the past few years we’ve spent here. It was a nice Family Home Evening. Our FHE is usually a bit more formal, so it is nice to have one outside every once in a while.

After the “lesson” of appreciating Arkansas, we decided to ply frisbee then catch. it was a really great night.

What did you do for FHE?

Make sure you check out Jocelyn’s blog and see what they did for Family Home Evening.


2 thoughts on “FHE – Arkansas Appreciation

  1. Hey, me too! I miss Arkansas lots. The parks are the best. We spent so many summers camping all over Arkansas. Some of my favorite memories. One of these days we’ll have to do a Utah appreciation night. I spend so much time missing Arkansas that I don’t think about what I have here!

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