YW Activity Idea: Month-long Heart Attack

If you are in any way acquainted with the Young Women’s program in the LDS Church, then I’m sure that you’ve heard of the Heart Attack activity. Our ward has done it before. Actually, we’ve done it several times.

The girls always love doing Heart Attacks, which is great. I’m happy that they are so service-oriented, and that they want to do something to let their friends know how much they love them.

However, we’ve given several Heart Attacks. And, for the most part, they have all been given to one person. We have done heart attacks at Valentine’s Day, for Birthday’s at Halloween, you name it, we’ve done it.

So, we had Heart Attacks on the schedule for this month, and I just kept getting the feeling that we needed to do something a little different. I know that this sounds crazy – why on earth would I try to stop the young women doing from something that was a good service? I just felt like we were headed in the wrong direction.

Well, I was doing a little searching around on the interwebs, and I came across this post. It was perfect! I realized, we would still do heart attacks for the activity, but instead, we would be doing a heart attack that lasted an entire month.


Month-Long Heart Attack Activity

  • Make one heart for every day in the month. Have fun with this. Use cardstock, glitter, cute papers, doilies, whatever you like!
  • Bring a big manila envelope – enough for each young woman (and leader!) participating. This is where you’ll store the hearts throughout the month.
  • On the front of the envelope, write a contract:

    “I ___[name]_____ promise to give service to another every single day for the month of _______” [signature]

  • You may consider preparing a list of good ideas of service for the young women – to get their ideas going… There is a great list of service ideas here.
  • Spend the evening creating cute Valentine’s, talk about service, bond with one another, and commit to serving others throughout the entire month.
  • Instruct the young women to leave a “heart” behind – wherever they served. By the end of the month, they shouldn’t have any hearts left.

This could easily work in March – maybe make little shamrocks…service leprechauns or something like that. You could also make it Easter-themed, Christmas-themed, or even Halloween-themed (service witch?) I think that this could be adapted to any season. The young women loved making the valentines and they were really excited about serving others throughout the month.

Oh – and remember to follow up with the young women throughout the month.

Have fun, and if you’ve done something like this, how did it go for you? Do you have any other tips?


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