My Dad

This is my dad.

He's great at hitting the jackpot

I was adopted when I was about four years old, but My dad has been my dad since I was about two. It’s funny, I’ve always known that I was adopted, but for my entire life, I’ve always had a dad. It’s hard to explain, but it is a blessing, I know.


My dad is a great father. When I was ten, my parents got divorced. I still remember it. They told us they were getting a divorce and gave us a Nintendo to lessen the blow (which it did). I was a little worried. There was a show at the time – divorce court; I thought that we’d have to go on the show. But, more than worried, I was really excited about the Nintendo. Not only did we get the game console, but we also got Zelda, Top Gun, Super Mario Bros., and R.C. Pro-Am. Those games were the best.

I bring up this because I want to be clear. Even though my parents were divorced, my dad never became like the typical divorced dad. He was always present in our lives. He made every effort to do everything he could for us. My parents had four children, and my mom was able to stay at home with us – even after the divorce. My dad always sent enough money to support us, and often he sent more.

He moved to PA a few years after the divorce for work. It was hard for him. But he was still present in our lives. He called a few times a week. He visited us for every birthday. Often we would go to his house for holidays. Or he would come to Texas. Finally, he financed our move to PA so that we could all be closer.

He is a good father. He has always provided, loved, and cared for us.

As an adult, I love and admire my father even more than I did as a child. I can see the difficulties he has gone through in his life, and that he rose above them so we could be happy.

He has taught me to be a good mother. There are times when we have to give up what we want for the good of someone else – especially our children. There are times when this is incredibly difficult, but I think of my dad, what he did for me, and I know that the only way that I can show my gratitude for what he did is to do the same thing for my kids.