FHE – Divine Guidance

Today, we did things a little different. We opened our FHE with our activity…making Valentines.

Sasquatch is hard at work.

As you can tell, it was one of those days where FHE and Dinner kind of blended together, but we do what works, right?

Working hard.
Even the T-Rex got in on the action!

After the valentines were made, and the dinner eaten, we headed downstairs for Tiger’s lesson on “Divine Guidance.”

Tonight, it was Tiger's turn to teach.

Scripture: “And the Lord went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:” – Exodus 13:21

Lesson: Tiger had us all go downstairs for an object lesson. She began by introducing what we were supposed to do. She had set up an obstacle course – beginning on one side of the basement, and ending at the basketball hoop (where she had hung up a picture of the Waters of Mormon). She then had one of us volunteer to complete the obstacle course.

Panda is the guinea pig!
Panda wanted to be the volunteer so much, I thought she would jump our of her skin. Of course, Tiger had a trick up her sleeve: the obstacle course had to be completed blindfolded.

Tiger spun Panda around three times, then said, “Okay, go to the Waters of Mormon.” Panda, thoroughly dizzy, started walking into toys and walls.

Finally, she said, “I need some help.”

Tiger guided her, by hand, back to the course, then let go of her hand and started offering directions on how to get through the course. Sasquatch was also happy to help.

Tiger and Sasquatch help Panda find her way.

Eventually, Panda made it to her destination.

She made it!

After the object lesson, Tiger asked a few questions.
Which way was easier for Panda to find her way? – When she got help!

How does Heavenly Father do the same for us as we go through our lives? Tiger showed us a picture of Lehi with the Lianhona. She explained that Heavenly Father guided them through the wilderness using the compass, but it only worked dependent on faith.

Tiger also taught us that we receive divine guidance through the Spirit – especially when we read our scriptures and pray.

Finally, Tiger bore her testimony. It was really great. She bore testimony of the fact that Heavenly Father hasn’t left us alone, and that he wants to guide us in our lives. We can ask Him questions, and He will answer. He wants to help us.

After the lesson, I didn’t have anything to add. Tiger did all of the planning for the lesson on her own. Originally, she didn’t know what divine guidance meant. But she didn’t ask me for help. She went to the Topical Guide in the scriptures. She looked for articles and ideas in The Friend. She found some pictures that would go with her lesson, and she prepared everything herself.

Get your kids to plan and teach FHE, it is so rewarding!

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2 thoughts on “FHE – Divine Guidance

  1. I love that your children teach the lesson so much! That is awesome! My kids would love to do the “teaching”…We’ll have to begin incorporating that too! 🙂

    1. Thanks. The kids do love teaching the lessons. I admit that it was a lot of work – on my part – when they were younger, but now my oldest is 10, and she does a really great job.

      My favorite thing about it: I feel like they learn the most when they teach the lessons. They have ownership. And, FHE stays fresh – kids have some really fun ideas!

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