President Uchtdorf: Most Interesting Man in the World

I feel like President Uchtdorf is the Mormon “most interesting man.”

He gave such an awesome talk (as usual) at the Worldwide leadership training. Here is something I especially liked…

“Brothers and sisters, as good as our previous experience may be, if we stop asking questions, stop thinking, stop pondering, we can thwart the revelations of the Spirit.” – President Uchtdorf

Or…In other words…

“Stay thirsty.”

Man! You’ve gotta love him!


6 thoughts on “President Uchtdorf: Most Interesting Man in the World

  1. How much do I love him??!! I am proud to say that I met him once at stake conference. I missed his talk on Saturday because I had to walk out with my kids…so I heard like two lines of it! But I know I can watch online!

    1. I’ve never met him, nor any GA, for that matter. However, I’ve met his grandkids! I was at a wedding in Germany (which was amazing), and met two of his twin grandsons. That’s as close as I’ve ever been, but it was really exciting anyway. 🙂 (I realize, I’m super lame)…

      Definitely check out the talk online. It was really good. As usual, his advice was superior, and the way he delivered it was funny and loving.

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