FHE – Listening

Last night for FHE, Homey was in charge. He had selected Listening as a topic from the Family Home Evening Jar. It is always fun to see how these things work out – as our family has needed a refresher course on listening. (Myself very much included).

Lesson Development
Scripture/Thought: We were given two ears and one mouth and one brain (which is supposed to be bigger than your mouth) in that proportion for a reason. (Dad made his own edits to the usual quote)

Lesson: This lesson consisted mostly of questions. We sat around the table and had a good discussion on listening. Here are a few highlights of the night.

What is listening?

  • Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Lord. And the scriptures. – Sasquatch

Who should we listen to? Who do we listen to?

  • God, Parents, teachers. – Panda
  • Great, Daddy! – Sasquatch (some encouraging words…)

Why do we listen? Do we need to?

  • We listen to the Prophet because he is called of God and has important things to tell us. – Tiger
  • We listen to our parents because if you’re not listening, after they have told you three times you won’t know what to do. – Panda (she may have experience with this.)
  • It can be hard to do, but if we listen to our parents, then we’ll have a long life. – Tiger
  • We listen to our teachers because God wants us to know everything we can – more than just church stuff. – Tiger

When should we listen?

  • You should listen when your parents tell you something. – Panda
  • Listen at school. Don’t goof around. If you’re not listening, you’ll miss what the teacher said, and maybe get in trouble. – Tiger.
  • All the time. We learn so much from other people. We should listen to everything – our friends, family, and even the people who are teaching us stuff that we should not do. We don’t need to follow bad examples, but we can listen to everyone and then make good decisions based on what we hear. Most of all we should be listening to the Spirit as we listen to everything else. – Mom (wise, huh?!)
  • I listen to Mrs. Egg at SCHOOL. – Sasquatch (Dad tried saying, “at preschool,” but he was corrected…btw, it is preschool, despite what the two year old says!)

What should we do after we listen?

  • Answer, then acknowledge. – Dad. This question stumped the kids. We had a good discussion in this house. I have to admit, I’m not the best at this, either. Often, I get busy with my own things (like blogging), and I forget to pay attention to my children. This is especially obvious because I may make a comment while they are talking to me, but I never actually do anything about what they are saying. It was good for me to hear this lesson. I know that I need to improve.

Listening is like opening the front door to our house. We need to be careful about who we let in our home.

That was FHE. Afterward, we had a “treat” of chocolate milk.

Tiger drinking(?) chocolate milk

T-Rex drinking his milk...and maybe nodding off...

And then we were delighted with this little number for our closing song…

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What did you do for FHE?