FHE – Sacred Homes, Sacred Temples

Last night, I was in charge of Family Home Evening. I had to teach on the topic of: Sacred. I wasn’t sure what direction to take this.

I decided to do a quick search at lds.org, and I found a wonderful conference talk – Sacred Homes, Sacred Temples, by Elder Gary E. Stevenson. This was perfect. I could teach about keeping our home sacred. We have needed that in our home, too. I’ve noticed that my older daughters are fighting more. I’m not sure if it is pre-teen (pre-hormones) or what, but it has been getting tedious. So, this was the perfect angle for the idea of “sacred.”

Opening Song:I love to See the Temple

Scripture/Thought: “There exists a righteous unity between the temple and the home. Understanding the eternal nature of the temple will draw you to your family; understanding the eternal nature of family will draw you to the temple.” – Gary E. Stevenson

Lesson Development:
To begin the lesson, I asked the question What does the word Sacred mean?
We received various answers. My favorite was when Sasquatch (our toddler) said, “Beautiful and cute.” She didn’t really know what sacred meant, but she heard her sisters answers which were – special, and holy.

Then, I asked, What are some examples of sacred things and places. The girls answered with several sacred things and places. After discussing them, we concentrated on the temple and the home.

I asked, How do we make sure that the temple stays sacred? – I based this concept on the following quote:

“In order to keep the temple and those who attend it sacred and worthy, the Lord has established standards through His servants, the prophets.” – Gary E. Stevenson

My children are young, and even I tend to get bored when people repeat too many quotes, so I didn’t say this quote, I just asked what we do to keep temples sacred.

We talked about Temple recommends, how temples are constructed, and how people can’t wear shoes inside the temple.

I then told them – just as the temple has standards to help keep it sacred, our home needs them, too. (Based on this concept:)

“We may be well-advised to consider together, in family council, standards for our homes to keep them sacred and to allow them to be a “house of the Lord.” – Gary E. Stevenson

So – to create the conversation of good standards for our home, we had an object lesson. I had, on the table, a mess of cards…
The girls didn’t know this, but underneath all of these cards was a picture of the temple.

These cards were all things that cause our home to be defiled – or not sacred. We each took turns taking a card off of the pile, and then deciding standards we should implement to help keep our homes sacred. On the other side of the card, we wrote our standards. There was also a picture/puzzle on the other side of the card.

This card is a puzzle piece. We also wrote standards for our home.

Slowly, as we went through the cards, we could see a two pictures being revealed – one under the pile of cards, and another picture on the backs of the cards…

Only One Card Left!

To make this object lesson, I used fifteen index cards. I drew a picture of our house on the blank side with a sharpie marker. On the lined side of the cards, I wrote the following problems/distractions:

Contention Messy Vulnerable
Offensive T.V. Shows or Internet sites Confusing Loud
Dangerous Inappropriate Images Whining
Too Busy to Spend Time Together Unable to Study and Think Lack of Prayer
Bad Music Selfishness Anger

The object lesson took a majority of the time for the lesson. We wrote down all of the standards we needed to keep our home sacred. Finally, we were able to uncover the temple, and build our home!

The girls were happy to have our home built!