Counting Down ‘Til Christmas

I love Christmas more, now as an adult, than I did as a kid! I think that it is because Christmas is more meaningful to me. I know that at Christmas we celebrate the Savior, and I have a testimony that Jesus Christ truly is my Savior.

I also think that Christmas is more fun for me now because I’m a mom. I love making Christmas-time fun. I love watching my kids suffer with excitement! I also have had so much joy in teaching the gospel to my children, and Christmas-time is a wonderful time to teach them to have fun and be spiritual.

Anyways…In our home, we do a few “Advent” Calendars…

There are a lot of good ideas all over the internet for interesting advent calendars, and I won’t waste your time repeating many of them (that we do in our home). But I will share with you my favorite of our advent calendars…

I will be the first to admit that this isn’t the cutest advent calendar I’ve ever seen. There are so many creative and beautiful ones. I like them a lot. However, this advent has substance. It is Christ centered. It is our Messiah Advent.

The overall idea: Each night you open a package which has an ornament, and hang the ornament on the tree (this part is fun for kids). Attached to the package is a small envelope with a scripture (or a few scriptures). These are the scriptures that we read as our family scripture study. The scriptures are a series of scriptures based on Handel’s Messiah and some scriptures that I compiled form the Book of Mormon that correspond with the themes in Handel’s Messiah.

Here’s how I made it…

First I collected 24 ornaments. Do this however you want. I actually made my ornaments out of polymer clay. We have various symbols of Chrismtas: a wreath, Christmas tree, Angel, etc. You can buy these ornaments, too. It doesn’t really matter what you decide. I love the ornament idea because we use these same ornaments and packaging year after year.

I also attach an envelope with a scripture assignment inside of it to the gift/ornament.
Each of these envelopes have a scripture assignment. This is our scripture reading for the month of December. These scriptures are compiled – from Handel’s Messiah, and other scriptures from the Book of Mormon based on the structure of the Messiah. You can find a list of the scriptures and the day to read them here.

Third I attach the ornament package plus envelope to a cute knit garland using a mini-clothespin.

The kids love this because they get to “open” a present every night. I love it because we focus on the mission and role of the Savior in our lives. This activity helps promote family bonding and understanding of the true meaning of Christmas.

So…try it out!

If you are interested, I included a series of blog posts on the scriptures that I compiled for this advent calendar. You can read them here.

What are some of your favorite family Christmas traditions? What do you do to keep Christmas Christ-centered?


3 thoughts on “Counting Down ‘Til Christmas

  1. That’s a great advent idea. I struggle with the whole advent thing, I think I’ll probably get the hang of it once Dot is grown a bit more and can actually remind me to do it-kids never forget that sort of thing.

    I struggle to keep Christmas Christ centred. It was mostly about presents growing up, and I’m still muddling my way through deciding and implement in my own family-so I love reading other people’s ideas!

  2. Melanie

    I just came across your list of scriptures for advent. I love it! The links to the Messiah selections are not working? Can you provide them,

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