The Rescue (and a Reminder)

I have been interested in poetry for a long time. When I was a teenager, it was mostly about boys, friends, feeling lonely, or angst…you know. The typical stuff.

Over time, I feel like it has progressed…So…here’s a poem I wrote that I feel fits here on the blog a little bit.

The Rescue
Closer, closer, my heart searches, it pleads
The quake of trees in wind; spider’s web glistens;
Vast night sky; stars twinkle: they feed

This realization. I try to listen
But the closer I get, the further you
Are. I see my weakness and it lengthens

The gap. Night envelops me, the dark blue
sky turns violet, then black. My hope needs
Bright comfort of sun, knowledge: rescue.


Also – a little reminder – tomorrow I will begin the Joy and Thanksgiving Study Series. If you want me to email you the scripture reading in advance, let me know at chococatania[at]gmail[dot]com. I will post the assignment (and a few of my own thoughts) here each day. I’m hoping that we can get a little bit of a discussion going!


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