Giving Away a Book of Mormon

So…I sent a Book of Mormon off to someone today. I guess I “placed” it. I don’t know what to say, but it is on it’s way.

I’ve given away a few Books of Mormon. In ninth grade, I gave a Book of Mormon to my teacher Mrs. Dellapolla. She taught my World Cultures class. As I look back, I think that she was my favorite teacher. She had actually lived life before teaching. She was a refugee from Hungary. And somehow she had decided to deal with a bunch of ninth graders. I’m grateful for that.

I’ve given a book of Mormon to a college professor, a couple of colleagues, and even a door to door salesperson. None of them were really all that “scary” to give away. I was open, and tried to give them the Book of Mormon with my testimony only (and no expectations) – I figure I can let the Spirit work on them after I bear testimony.

Today was a little different. Today, I gave a Book of Mormon to my dad.

It’s funny. I’ve known him for 33 years, and yet I’ve never attempted giving him a Book of Mormon. I’ve never really felt right about it. It isn’t that I was ashamed, it’s just that I hadn’t felt the spirit prompt me to before. I’ve always wanted to give him one, but I didn’t want it to be done in vain.

So, I’ve waited.

And this year, the right opportunity has presented itself. Things have been hard on my family – my dad most of all. And my heart aches for him. I’ve been praying for him. I feel comfort knowing that my ancestors have the gospel. I know that there are many people both here and beyond the grave who are “rooting” for Him.

I don’t want to air his dirty laundry, but I can say that I have been through some of the things he’s going through – so I have empathy. Additionally, he is experiencing things that I can only imagine – but I feel like I can sympathize. One thing I know, as I’ve struggled in life, I’ve been able to turn to the scriptures, especially The Book of Mormon for support. It truly is like a friend – who comforts, illuminates, and uplifts. So, I sent my dad a Book of Mormon.

I hope he will read it. I don’t know if he will. If anything, I hope that he reads the letter I wrote to him, and realizes that

  • Heavenly Father loves him, personally. – Adversity is proof that Heavenly Father Loves us – He, like a father, is allowing us to gain the experience we need to “walk on our own two feet”. This doesn’t come without some stumbling.
  • We can find strength during our trials. – We will always experience trial, but we don’t need to experience them alone.
  • The Book of Mormon can bring us happiness. – I don’t mean skippy, bouncy, tra-la-la happy. I don’t mean pleasure/ecstasy. I mean deep, abiding happiness. Hope. Peace. The kind of happiness that can comfort us even deep in the pits of our despair.
  • The Lord pleads with us – to Heal us. – Is there any more hopeful message – that we can be healed?

Everything is working out – nearly serendipitously. (Even though I know it isn’t serendipity…) I’ve been working on this Book of Mormon forum, The October Ensign is all about the Book of Mormon, Elder Scott gave an amazing Conference talk on Scripture – especially the Book of Mormon, and my brother’s (who passed away earlier this year) birthday is Friday. It is the perfect time for me to send it to him.

So I did.


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