The Story of the Book of Mormon: Project Idea

I don’t know about you, but I’m a project person. Especially when it comes to reading the scriptures, I like having a specific goal.

If you have never read the Book of Mormon, or if you are feeling a little overwhelmed by it, here is a great project that will help you get comfortable with the story of the Book of Mormon.

Materials Needed

  • Book of Mormon – I would suggest using a small copy of the Book of Mormon. You can request a free copy here. It is nice to have a Book of Mormon specifically for this project.
  • Colored Pencils
  • Scripture Journal
  • Pen or Pencil


  1. Read the Book of Mormon fairly quickly. I would suggest within 45-60 days. Reading it quickly will help you with this project – read it like a book.
  2. While reading, look for the following:
    • The Chronology – remember that at the bottom of the page there is usually an indication of when the text took place.
    • The Stories – This is where your colored pencils come in handy. Highlight each story with a different color. You can repeat the colors, just don’t use the same color twice in a row – otherwise it may be confusing.
      • To get an idea of the “stories” of the Book of Mormon, check out this article in the Ensign.
      • When highlighting the stories of the Book of Mormon, keep a list with a concise title of each story in your scripture journal – along with the reference of where to find the story in the Book of Mormon
  3. After you have finished reading the Book of Mormon, print up a list of the stories that you’ve found with their references. You may also consider collecting pictures that illustrate various stories. This could be a great reference for your family.

About ten years ago, I decided to do this project. I had read the Book of Mormon once or twice, but I still felt a little unsure of the stories in the Book of Mormon and its chronology. I had a Young Women’s President a few year before that had studied the Book of Mormon in a similar fashion. I decided it was time for me to read it quickly, and instead of listening to “inspiration”, I wanted to understand the basics of the stories and progression of the Book of Mormon.

Once I got started with this project, I kind of had a “Parley P. Pratt” moment. Well, I didn’t read the Book of Mormon in 24 hours, but I think that I read it within a week. It was kind of addictive. I read it rather than watch tv, talk on the phone, or read anything else. Reading it quickly, looking for the stories, was so exciting.

Afterwards, I created a timeline and felt so much more confident in my understanding of the mechanics of the Book of Mormon. I was no longer confused about which parts were flashbacks, abridgements, etc. I felt like I understood it – in a basic sense.

This project, though completed long ago, still serves me well. With the knowledge I gained as a base, I have found that I’m able to easier delve deeper in the meaning of the scriptures as I’m not confused or hung up on the circumstances, stories, or contexts of the Book of Mormon. Having a practical, working knowledge of the Book of Mormon has helped me to have more spiritual experiences with its text.

So…if you’re looking for a project, I encourage you to read the Book of Mormon, quickly, looking for the basic stories. It will be fun and helpful!

Have you ever done anything like this before? Did you like it? How has it helped you?

For more great blog posts about the Book of Mormon, check out the Book of Mormon Forum.


11 thoughts on “The Story of the Book of Mormon: Project Idea

  1. I accidentally posted without finishing my comment! Sorry! I was just looking at another blog today about a scripture journal for children. How they mark the scriptures themselves on a cheap copy of the Book of Mormon and I think your idea would be a great companion/expansion of that idea. I’m so excited about the Book of Mormon Forum this month! Thanks for posting!

  2. This is a great idea!!! Thanks so much for sharing it. I totally think reading it faster…more concentrated doses…is a great way to really understand the Book of Mormon!

  3. Reading it in a month or two has helped me better put things together and to get a better overall understanding of the Book. I still had some trouble keeping all the people separate in my mind so I read it several times (some quickly and some slowly) and produced the Book of Mormon Genealogy Chart. If you are starting a new reading cycle now, its a great tool for understanding how everybody fits in, their relationships to one another, and it is organized by book so you can quickly find new people you encounter in the text.

    The chart is free, but we do ask for a very small donation if you continue to use it.

    gary polson

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