Priesthood: Empowering men and Women

As a woman and member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I enjoy the blessings and power of the priesthood on a daily basis. Yet, I’m not a priesthood holder. For some reason, there are some women who are frustrated, or feel less important because they don’t hold the priesthood. I’ve never really felt that way – but that’s because I feel like the Priesthood blesses me regardless of who holds it. The Priesthood is God’s Power. No where does this idea limit men or women. It is the power of the priesthood that created the earth. Priesthood = Power, and all people can be blessed by the Priesthood power – as God loves all of His children.

Sister Julie B. Beck puts it really well in this video…Watch it here.

“We need never confuse the idea of those who hold the priesthood in trust with the priesthood. The Priesthood is God’s power to create, bless, lead, and serve as He does.”


2 thoughts on “Priesthood: Empowering men and Women

  1. I, too, have never had issues with women not being able to “hold” the priesthood. I have always known that I have other responsibilities that function directly with and under the direction of the priesthood. This was made even more apparent to me when my husband served as Bishop. I was able to spiritually comprehend that a man’s ability to “carry” the burdens of others is very different than how women carry them. That difference provides men the sacred and enormous responsibility of dealing with issues that, at least in my view, could very well break me.
    How grateful I am that as women we have our stewardships that work hand in hand with the power and the authority of the priesthood.

    1. What a wonderful comment. You know, a couple of weeks ago (after I wrote this post), the men from our stake went to Joplin, MO to help with the tornado clean-up. Most of the men in our ward were gone. Our entire bishopbric was gone. I think that over 50 men from our ward went to serve. We had only enough men to run church (the Elders’ Quorum President presided!) It was a stark difference from the normal Sunday.

      I realized, right away, how weird it was to have the Priesthood missing. They add such a beneficial element to our church service. I also realized that if our roles – Womanhood and Priesthood were competitive, and women held the priesthood, then our churches may not look the way they do. There may be far fewer men in attendance. I don’t know. What I do know is – I was very aware of the impact men make in our congregations – and that is, in large part, because they bear the priesthood.

      I also realized that men, and their priesthood, magnify us as women. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but when my husband righteously serves – when he fulfills his duties, blesses our children, or home teaches, I feel inspired – I want to be a better woman, wife, mother. I know that his Priesthood magnifies my motherhood. I feel like my motherhood magnifies his priesthood. Instead of competing with one another, we make each other better (when things are going right, of course!)

      OK…long reply…but thanks for the comment. And thanks for your perspective. I really respect Bishop’s wives/families. They have to sacrifice so much so the Bishop can serve the ward. I have been a beneficiary of such selfless service (on the part of the Bishop) and sacrifice (on the part of his family). So thanks!

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