Young Women’s Lesson 3-6 – A Woman’s Responsibility to Teach

I love teaching about teaching – mostly because I think that teaching is so important. Teaching is more than a “woman’s responsibility,” and I wanted to be sure that the young women actively participated in this lesson. I wanted to see the relevance for them, now – rather than have them file this lesson away in the “when I’m a mom…” box. The young women are teachers. They teach their friends, siblings, and others.

So, I created the following lesson plan that you can access here.

I also felt like rather than focusing on the stories of mothers teaching (nothing against them) that are included in the lesson manual, I wanted to focus on Christ – who is the Master Teacher.

Most likely, you will not be able to get through the entire lesson plan (I never can, anyways), but being prepared in this way helped – as I was sure to include what I felt was most important in the lesson. We spent a lot of time on “Love” – as loving those whom you teach is probably the most important aspect of teaching.

Anyways – I hope this helps you in your class!


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