The Word of Wisdom: A Spiritual Commitment

If you read this blog at all, you are probably aware that I just had another child. I love my children (all of them), and I’m really grateful to have had the opportunity to bring them in the world. Unfortunately, though, when the baby gets here, the baby-weight remains…

I’m not so incredibly overweight. I understand that. I’m not obese. I never have been, but I’ve fluctuated in my life – I’ve gained and lost weight. Sometimes, I’m good at exercising and eating healthy. Other times, I don’t exercise much, but I do shovel in the sweets. Then, there’s being a woman and having children – where you actually need to gain weight. In my first few pregnancies, I gained only 20-25 lbs, but with this last one, I gained 35 pounds (for various reasons – mainly, I didn’t exercise at all this pregnancy because I had real issues with my pelvis.) The point is: here I am, now, trying to lose weight.

Now…that’s part of the physical background.

The Spiritual Background: I’ve been personally warned about keeping the word of wisdom. My patriarchal blessing gives me direct counsel concerning the matter: “Especially live according to the word of wisdom so that you might always have a strong and healthy body, …” I’ve always been mystified by this direct counsel to keep the Word of Wisdom. When I was a teen, I was never really tempted to drink, use drugs, or have coffee. I never wanted to smoke. I thought it was funny that the word of Wisdom would be specifically mentioned.

Of course, I’ve learned that there is more to the word of wisdom than what we should not eat or drink.

I have also seen that, through the course of my life, I don’t really keep the word of wisdom. Breaking the Word of Wisdom has affected me greatly – mostly with how I view myself (at this point). I know that I need to do a better job to keep the Word of Wisdom so that my health won’t be negatively affected.

Last August, when my husband gave the kids Father’s blessings, he also gave me a blessing. Although I can’t quote it verbatim, I know that it said something like this – Follow the Word of Wisdom. Be healthy. Your health will be blessed if you follow the Word of Wisdom.

So…I’ve been given direct counsel to follow the Word of Wisdom twice in my life – during inspired priesthood blessings. This has made me do a lot of thinking. I’m becoming more aware of what I put into my mouth. Sometimes, I even pray for a miracle – that somehow I’d just start eating better, but I realize that my prayer lacks faith.

I don’t underestimate the Lord’s power. In fact, I know he can work a miracle in me. But I haven’t been malleable. I haven’t provided God with the conditions he requires for the miracle I desire. In other words – I lack faith in me.

As I’ve considered my lack of commitment to the finer points of the Word of Wisdom, I realized that I didn’t really know tons about the Word of Wisdom. Sure, I know what it’s about. I’ve read it. But I haven’t studied it. I love studying! There is so much that I have studied. It has become very obvious to me that I need to study the Word of Wisdom. I need to be spiritually committed to this principle.

So – here’s the goal: To study every verse and memorize the entire Word of Wisdom.

I’ve thought a lot about whether or not I’d include this study on my blog, but I feel like it may help other people, too, so I’m going to write a post on each verse over the course of the next few months. (There will probably be other posts sprinkled in, too. I don’t study the W.O.W every day – as I’m also trying to memorize it.) These will not be diet/exercise posts. Instead, I’m hoping to understand how I can gain spiritually by understanding the Word of Wisdom. It is my belief that if I study and understand the Word of Wisdom spiritually, then I will be able to better keep it physically.

So…I hope you like where this leads…And if you are having trouble committing yourself to the principle of the Word of Wisdom, then study with me!


2 thoughts on “The Word of Wisdom: A Spiritual Commitment

  1. Kimberly

    Interesting, I was counseled in my patriarchal blessing to study the Proclamation on the Family, now, following your example, I’m considering memorizing it.

  2. Thanks for sharing this on your blog. I also have been counseled through my Patriarchal Blessing to pay particular attention to the Word of Wisdom. I relate to a lot you have said in this post and I look forward to later tonight when I can read the rest!

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