Happy New Year (5 Days late)

I’ve missed this blog for a while. About 3.5 weeks ago – my computer crashed. I’ve been disconnected up until now. It is weird how much the computer is a part of my life. Yet, I was fine without it. (Imagine that…)

Anyway – it’s a new year, and I always get a little excited about that. I like making goals – you know – the promise of progress.

I have made plenty of goals in different parts of my life – Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Domestic, Financial, Relationships. I also decided to concentrate on a new “motto” or concept for the year: charity. I’m not giving up on diligence, though…I feel like diligence will always be there.

However, I’ve decided that I needed to really focus on charity this year because I think that it will help me sort out many of the problems and weaknesses I’m currently facing. I feel like developing a charitable heart will help me to bring peace to my home.

When I talk about Charity, I don’t mean – service. Charity is so much more than that. I’m really thinking about developing the pure love of Christ.

I’ve also found that every single goal that I’ve made this year can be connected to my new themes of both charity and diligence. For example – Losing baby weight. What does this have to do with charity?! I think that first of all, as I accomplish this goal, I can do it with a charitable heart by always remembering that this body is a gift I’ve received from my Father in Heaven. Also, Christ, with his Infinite love, has provided a way for me to have this body forever. So, essentially, my body is a gift of Heavenly Father’s charity to me. My potential to be immortal and exalted – in this body – is a gift from Christ that stems from His charity toward me…(do you see). I experience receiving charity from the Lord through the gift of my body, so I ought to take care of it.

Of course, doing so requires diligence.

Oh – and also, losing baby weight, taking care of my body, being a good steward, also takes a bit of charity on my part – I need to love myself enough to carve out time to do something good.

That’s the idea behind my mottoes for this year – charity and diligence – I want to be sure that everything I’m doing can be related to these two ideas. I want to be a more charitable and diligent person. I want to be a disciple of Christ.


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year (5 Days late)

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